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How to Shave Under Your Nose


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I copied this word for word from SRP. Thought you might like it.

I have suggested the following method, several times this past year, in other threads and thought it might be a good time to put it here for those starting out.

One of the more common problems experienced by noobe's is shaving under the nose and below the lower lip. I discovered a long time ago that there was a very simple and safe way to shave these areas without much effort at all.

The idea of shaving both WTG and XTG on the upper lip, known as Coup de Matier' and Coup de Bafoon respectfully, has been scarey for most. The thought of moving the blade upward into the nose without cutting yourself just seems impossible.

Well, here is my solution that works perfectly for me. Maybe it will for you too.

It dawned on me one day that we check the sharpness of our razor two ways. One is to do a HHT where we move a hair across a stationary blade, and the other is the shave test where we move the blade across a stationaly beard.

What if we were to use a similar method to do under our nose? Now we all can do the ATG pass under the nose without a hitch. Next time, take your razors edge facing up and lay it just against the top of your lip, at maybe a 5 degree angle with some flattening pressure on it. Now hold the blade absolutly still and move your upper lip down across the blade while holding your head absolutly still. Voila.... the distance you move the lip is the amount of beard that is shaved. If you can't shave all the way to your nose, move the blade up and do it again. When you get to your nose, just stop moving your upper lip down.

This will give you a bbs shave every time and without cutting anything. You can do this all the way across your upper lip and you can turn the blade around and do the same thing to the lower lip along the edge.

Eventually, you will be able to do this fairly quickly and will never look back.

Let me know how it works.



Oh by the way.... I was the original author too.


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Interesting, Ray. Personally, I just do the Fool's Pass with two hands. Works great, but this is probably safer:thumbup:


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You know what, as a nube to shaving with a straight, under the nose I was comfortable with straight off.....wasnt afraid of cuts for some reason, got stuck right in and got great results every time :thumbup:


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I never have a problem with under the nose, i go straight down and then do a fools pass to shave the filtrum and either side of it, what does stress me a little is the sides of the mouth, where the mexican tache grows, now that can rash up real easy if I dont go steady and make sure I do it bang on