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I guess I dont qualify for this Class Action Settlement


Well-Known Member don't mean...that the ad department for PnG would lie? I just don't know who to trust. Maybe my whole life is a lie!
What do I do?
I can't believe that my own sister would lie to me. I mean I know she did when we were kids and she is in advertising, but it is my sister!!!

Seriously she does work for their ad firm, but not that department. She calls it the vibratos noncut'em.
You do realize that she will never hear the end of this. And my entire family will know soon.


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I hope this website is not some kind of hoax. If not, it's good that legal steps are finally taken against all the lies that are spread in advertising. Selling something on false claims has always called swindling in my book.

Kind regards,


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But what of the gullible Europeans? surely a lie is a lie no matter the continent?

And G I am sure your sister is a wonderful person in real life, after all marketing is all about convincing people that they need something, whether or not they do is almost secondary IMHO

Or I could be totally wrong :blink: and my life too could be a lie! a Lie I say!!

Regards (seer of the Matrix)
Ralfson (Dr)