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I Made Another Brush Again!!


Well-Known Member
I Made Another Brush!!

A Present For A Dear Friend.
This One Is A TGN Pure Badger 20mm Knot, Set In Wild Olivewood, The Small Metal
Ring Is Cut And Machined From A 150yr Old Cast Bronze Bearing Housing.
The Wood Is Finished With 3 Coats Of Dutch Oil, And I Used CA Glue On The
Base For A Little Extra Durability

Thanks For Looking And Any Comments Make My Day



Pip Pip Old Chaps
Ralfson (Dr)


Well-Known Member
Now that looks like an undisguised nice lathering machine.

Great looking wood, lot's of character, which is why Olive is so popular for these kinds of utensils. And the ring... is just the thing. Whomever whipered that in you ear must be a genius.:lol:

But joking aside, the finish looks great, and the brush looks very well build. The ring lends it an indestructable quality.

I suppose you can't make 9 of these before the 24th of September and engrave them with a logo. We need a Coticule Pelgrimage souvenir...



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That looks great Ralfy!

And the ring really is a nice touch,suits the wood perfectly.

Kind regards



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A really nice brush it is, Ralfy! :thumbup:

Although I personally prefer a bit thicker handles (I've probably got used to a figure I can see in the mirror every morning :D ), this one presents an elegant balance between concave and convex curves.



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I really like that ring. A very subtle yet novel idea. I enjoy turning olive. I don't know about you, but after the hundredth or so spalted walnut bowl its nice to turn something so smooth and easy.



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Bless you Guys, and thanks for the kind words :thumbup:

The ring was a must have after a quite cutting critique I received on another brush I made (JK)Bwhahahahaha

I do enjoy turning Olive wood, the smell is divine, although if you saw the equipment I use you would have nightmares!

Oh and although I do not work for them I have a share in Semogue, well I own 3 of their brushes if that counts? including my latest addition a "Semogue Owners" which I eagerly await delivery of as we speak.

Chin chin old chaps
and thanks again
Ralfson (Dr)


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Well I once turned a bowl off of a volkswagon rear end so...maybe, but that's what makes it fun. I agree with the smell.

I in no way condone the use of a volkswagon for anything other than driving. Neither I nor is responsible for anyone as dumb as me to try such a stunt. So don't do it.


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If I had the knots, wood and time, I would have been showing 10 of the sexy little numbers chaps.

Best Regards
Ralfson (Dr)