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I Made ANOTHER Brush!!


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Oh Kay Do Key Chaps, heres brush #3, this time a little different as I am sure you will agree.
24mm Boar knot, Olivewood again, but this time its a stumpy, finished in the "Ray" method of Linseed Oil, Turpentine, and lots of coats of wax, I do like to feel the wood in my hand!
Many thanks for looking and your comments make my day :thumbup: Sorry for the bad pics its late, hot, and I need to pee pee!

My Best Regards
Ralfson (Dr)

[c] Photo1634.jpg


11-07-10.jpg [/c]


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Lovely work, as always.
But I really miss a metal ring...

And then there's this personal objection that I have with boars that try to look like badgers, which is just me, being difficult and obstinate a ever...:rolleyes: But seriously, you're either a proud boar that doesn't give a fuck about all those pussies with their badger bristle preferences, in which case you wouldn't dream of disguising yourself as a badger brush, or you're a boar with an inferiority complex that doesn't have the balls to stand up like a true boar. Your choice?:blink:

Kind regards,


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It's goddamn frigging hot!! :scared:

As for me I really apppreciate the simplicity of this one, bettter too little than too much, isn't it?



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Bart said:
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Sigh, ok dont shoot the messenger, I didnt make the damn knot!
next time I use Boar I swear it will be blonde as a swedish pole dancer!! and I will try to make it wear a ring too :thumbup:

Thanks Guys, now its late and I gotta go take it for a spin

Best wishes
Ralfson (Dr)


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Lovely piece of work again Sir Ralfy!
Maybe it would look fancier with a metal ring or perhaps a black wooden inlay instead..

But I like it anyway:thumbup:


And the DE ???????????????????


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tat2Ralfy said:
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OK, so it's been done already but that was so good it deserves to be quoted again! :thumbup:
I agree with the pedantic objection about boars trying to imitate badgers. Brushes should be like Ronseal.
This is your 3rd brush? I only saw the one with all the brass, which to be honest, did not appeal to me, although I did appreciate the workmanship that went into it. She was perfectly turned out, don't get me wrong.
I like the shape of this one though. Job's a good un. :thumbup:
Keep 'em comin' Ralfy.