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Identification please..


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I recently got this stone. It was identified other places on-line as a Vintage thuringian. I'd like to give the knowledgable folks here a crack at identification.
Some friends have already identified it as a thuringian.

The stone came quite dirty and crusted on the sides with years of accumulated filth. I cleaned it up, and lapped both sides with a DMT 325. It lapped similarly to a coticule.. relatively soft and gave up slurry easily.

The dimensions of the stone are 6.75 x 1.4 x .5 in inches, 171 x 35 x 11 in mm.

The color is slate blue dry, and when wet, obviously darkens and shows a bit of muddy coloration. The slurry released during lapping also shows a muddy gray. There also appears to be striations that are slightly darker gray. The photos show it fairly well.

Honing on the stone is like silk. Very smooth with no sensation of grittiness, and no sound of abrasion. Strokes on plain water are extremely smooth. 4 sets of 30 X strokes on plain water show very little steel on tissue paper to wipe the blade.

The edges produced by finishing only on clear water are simply amazing. I've done three razors now with it, and today's Corneta could be called overly sharp for my skin, although I could have done two passes, called it a day and everything would have been fine.

The stone produces a sharp edge so finely and easily that it almost seems like cheating.

Any and all comments welcome!





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If youb say muddy grey slurry that sound more like it. it defanatley looks like a thury. even escher . they say the differance in escher abd thury are very similar. I have had 3 eschers and two thurys. I could not tell them apart. To me looks lie a defanat vintage thuringian.

i liked then edge of my 5x1. they do feel silky smooth to hone on.

nice hone

cheers gary


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For my opinion too is a Thuringian my friend.A very suitable size for razors.
Enjoy your stone.
Best regards


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The pictures confirm it for me too Bill, without holding it in my own hands I would still go with Thuringian/Escher

Nice size too

Best regards
Your friend