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Reserved - Payment pending IKon B1 Slant

Trader history for dajd94 (1)


EB208359-0B3C-4017-BBC5-488828308A38.jpeg 0EF5996D-8A4B-433F-99DD-284B4E5705FB.jpeg 790D7190-8744-4BC2-91B6-F698A1E4B32E.jpeg 1DC8C0EB-C262-4451-A691-74A541EB43A4.jpeg My IKon B1 Slant is for sale After 2 shaves. It is an effective razor that feels very mild. The state is very good.

I paid 110 EUR for it, without shipping. It is for sale now for 100 EUR:
> Shipping in NL and Belgium included
> An unused soap of Wickham included: the Cashmere.

When you also buy the Colonial Silversmith, we will make an combined price.