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I'm Back!



Hey guys,

after a long break and some time with the DE, I'm officially back! My user name here was Jfdupuis I think? I just purchased 3 razors, 1 strop from Ambrose and have a coticule bout coming from thesuperiorshave! If anyone wants to look at the stone, it was listed under bout B1 on their website! Can't wait to get involved again!


Welcome back! Those Ambrose strops sure look sweet, I should get one myself lol.
Questions? Please ask!

Welcome back, Jean-Francois.

Your other username is jfdupuis (no capitals). I would prefer if you used that, because we don't allow multiple subscriptions.
If you lost your password, you need to log out, and navigate to Machine Room -> Log in -> LOST PASSWORD.
Or here's a direct link: (only works when not logged in)

If you can't get it fixed, just send me an e-mail, and I'll fix it for you.

Kind regards,
Done! I could not for the life of me figure out my exact username and password. I tend to use small variations each time.

I'm glad to be back boys! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for my 7/8 TI "Le Canadien" with faux mother of pearl scales to show up today!

Do you guys have any suggestion on how to hone this puppy? I know it uses the new C135 steel.