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I'm jealous now!


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Ok, so one of the carpenters @ work asked me if I could get a coticule for him. He'd never used one before and after using mine he wanted one for himself. So I bought a coticule from Ardennes to sell it on to him with a small profit. I picked it up from the post office today and tested it on one of my chisels and damn, it's a very nice stone. It's a pale yellow fast La Veinette. The size is about 14x6cm and the coticule layer is 1cm thick. I'm jealous now, I would love to have this stone myself :blush: Oh well, I suppose I'll have to hand it over to my co-worker tomorrow :p
Tell me how I feel each time I bring the Coticules of the Vault back to Ardennes. :(

Luckily I get to bring new ones each time.:)

Kind regards,

PS: I've send you an e-mail concerning your mates broken Coticule.
tell me about the time i sniped a razor for a friend of mine... bad photo, and thought nothing of it... until the razor arrived... Almost NOS W&B Elite... had no choice... I grudgefully I handed it over to him :cry:
Well, my colleague loves the stone as I suspected he would. He said his tools have never been sharper. Some of my other colleagues are beginning to show interest as well but they're not sure about the price. They think it's too high. I explained to them how coticules are mined and how much raw material it takes to produce 1 kg of usable coticule but they're still not sure about the price.

On a side note, i think I finally know what layer my small 10x4cm pale yellow stone is from. It has the same soft, velvety feel and it's also just as fast so I suspect it's also a La Veinette.