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I'm looking for .... help me brothers


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I'm actually not looking for anything at the moment but this might be a thread that's helpful.

Searching for hard to find stuff like for instance a Feather 1310 or Feather humpback? Others might know of one and help you out. So lets hear it, what can we help you with or look out for?
Looking but very hard to find, the more people look for something the more chance you have to find it
If I can kick off, I'd like to have another Irisch Moos shaving stick. At least if the price is within the bounds of reason.

The second object is a slant and in my opinion an impossible task to find it. Because I know that efsk is constantly looking for it for me and hasn't found it yet.
And if he can't find him at all, then..........................................................:confused:

What safety razor do I mean by this? Well the Saba slant, I have ever borrowed it from efsk and it remains the best Slant (oblique what exactly do you call it) that I shaved with.
ok, than I publish my wishlist. It is a rare stone to hone straight razors as a finisher.

I am looking for les latneuses hybrid.

If you know where to get one or if you know someone who is interested to sell, send me a PM. Even in 2 years :)
I'm looking (still) for a Gustav Hammesfahr 26 straight razor (schwimmer) It is the razor my grandfather used. As one of his 85 (yes 85) grandchildren I am the one that inherited it. It is chipped and rusty but was my grandfather's and I'm very attached to it. It would be sensational (but impossible perhaps) to find one like it. Thanks for looking.
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Sorry, that was meant to say Gustav Hammesfahr 26 (not 29)but can't work out how to edit it.

Did this for you. Greeting Hellas.
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I am very interested in the Rocnel Elite 2019. My preference would be the medium agressive version, but also the agressive version I would like to try. This razor was sold by Bullgoose, but is currently sold out because it was a limited edition.
Thank you for the inside information!
Looking forward to that.

@Snuff have you tried both the agressive and the medium agressive version of the Rocnel Elite?
I have the 2018 version and according to Murat it’s the exact same shave as the 2019 medium but with another handle so I didn’t buy that one. Love the 2018!

The bottom plate of my Fasan slant is unfortunately broken.
Now @efsk had already sent me a replacement which unfortunately was lost in the mail and never arrived here.

So the question is: does anyone have a base plate for me?