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Interesting Escher hone.

The first one is an Escher, maybe an early one? There really is no difference between an Escher or a Thuringan. Escher is simply a brand name. It looks to be OK. Just needs a good lapping.
The second one is a double grit ceramic hone with the course side of very fine silicon carbide.
The hone is very hard like a barber hone and does not produce slurry,

Though there is a rubbing stone is not to make slurry but to clean/refresh the surface when necessary.
Most literature that comes with vintage barber hones will recommend rubbing with fine Emory paper (old time sandpaper), when the surface become "glazed" with steel particles after many uses, this will also refresh the surface and restore the cutting power of the stone, however this brand comes with an abrasive rubbing stone to clean it.