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The IRO is a razor coming from Spanish Basque. It is often confused with Eibar, yet Eibar is the Basque city this razor is coming from. Head and handle have a Logo stating "Original" with an arrow through it, IRO, and the handle also has "Systema Oblicuo" which means slanted system which is about right.
The razors head is an ordinary, OC head, that can fit on all M5 handles to use as an ordinary head. The interesting thing about this razor is the handle. It is bent near the end, where it ends in a plate with two holes. One fits over a guiding post, one over the center screw, and a special "nut" is then used to fix the razor. In essence, most other razor heads can be used on this handle. See pics for illustration of how it works.
The Systema Oblicuo was patented 1935-12-16, Spanish patent ES4292.
I have so far found two different cases. Both made of carton, the difference being the front, where most significant one has the price and the other "Modelo A". The one with price also has a label on the base.
Note how on the box, the writing on the handle is the other way around from the actual razor.
I've also found three different handles. Two are 1.2mm fatter than the other. The thin one has a nickel sheen on it, the others are chrome. Details near the knob differ.
Now we just need for you to get a RR Wunderbar head to put on the handle. that way you can get a torsionshobel and schragschnitt all in one. ;)
One of the strangest constructions I've ever seen on a safety razor and therefore very interesting to see.

Doesn't this shaving happen strangely, Richard, because you're used to the fact that the grip is normally centred under the base plate?
interesting razor. We don't have access to that in my part of the world. Am out of the market now, I spent too much this year.
I have a model of this IRO razor, which I classified in all the "Diagonal" models, and for me the first is the model of M and M of Vienna, the model that Mayer called its manufacturer, also diagonal, but together Of all the Diagonal models that I know of, there are no more than five or six brands in the entire history of shaving.

But all together they give me great shaves.

The production of this model barely lasted a year and a half, then came the Spanish civil war, that area of the Basque Country was occupied by the national side, and two machines were seized from the owner, one of them was the galvanizing system it had.

His militancy in favor of the extreme left was known, because I have seen newspapers where he was an economic donor, of the popular front, and yet despite the fame that the national side had, of retaliating against leftist militants, it is not the case because They did nothing to him except take two machines from his workshop, because the national side needed to create an arms factory in Bilbao, specifically in Indautxu, because the national side must remember that it had no financial funds, it was only 40% of the army , and was at a clear material disadvantage compared to the Republican side that had everything Including the museums, the gold from the Bank of Spain, etc., and the international support of Russia obviously.
IRO , Es una abreviación del nombre comercial que tenía el empresario, y que era industrias Rocandio, su Director y propietario se llamaba Eugenio Rocandio Calvo


Su foto es esta, Está sacada de una foto de un encuentro deportivo de fútbol, en su población junto con un amigo, y es a través de este, que figure también en la foto, de quien conseguir esta única imagen del empresario

Esta es la foto del amigo de Eugenio rocandio, que me dió la información y me vendió su modelo que aún conservaba, ambos están en la misma foto viendo un partido de fútbol


Esta era la fábrica de la marca, antes de ser demolida hace 15 años, pero yo todavía la conocí en pie, aunque abandonada.

La zona industrial se había trasladado a la parte exterior del pueblo a zonas de precio de suelo para construir mucho más económico y toda la zona central eran talleres obsoletos y abandonados

Y esta es la “patente”, igual que en Alemania En ese momento en España se podían registrar presentando un documento llamado memoria descriptiva”, modelos que pasaban a ser fabricados si tenían algún éxito, comercial, el fabricante ya hace una patente legal con diferentes ámbitos, Y países en los cuales tenía validez, era una forma de posibilitar la puesta en mercado, de modelos que a veces no triunfaban y desaparecían y los que parecían rentables eran registrados, igual que en Alemania los costes de registro de una patente en España eran altos o muy altos, por eso también se encuentran en los registros españoles de patentes muchas patentes alemanas incluso de Mercurio, que no fueron registradas en Alemania porque las tasas de patente que había que pagar eran mucho más elevadas, me he encontrado el mismo caso de muchas patentes alemanas registradas en Italia realmente , al hacerlas de ámbito internacional la legalidad era la misma simplemente pagabas en otro país que cobraba menos la patente, típico truco de empresario que se defendía contra el abuso de la burocracia oficial del su país
Of all the Diagonal models that I know of, there are no more than five or six brands in the entire history of shaving.
There are quite a bit more, even if you lump the same model under different brands together, ie everything with a B3 head is 1.
The production of this model barely lasted a year and a half
This is very interesting because, as I've shown above, there were several types handle, and several types of packaging. That would suggest that they made short runs of their product, and would try and improve constantly.

Your patent info is interesting as well. That might mean that some of the patent information that is thought to be lost forever after Solingen was bombed to bits can possible still be found in archives in other countries.