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Is always the famous best ?


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This razor bought a week before Christmas from an Austrian E-bay member . I don’t thing that is a great trade mark. In one side is marked <<Fischerwerk Solingen>> and on the other <<made in Solingen>> The scales are original made by celluloid (imitation ivory),having tips covered by german silver.
The blade size is 11/16 and the ground is between half and 1/4 The razor honed very easily carrying a very narrow edge ,directly to coticule with slurry. The given shavings are amazing .It reminds me my vintage <<Le grelot>> which I consider is a insurmountable shaver. Performed at least sixty shaves until a power touch up. By this post I would like to note that some times by lesser-known brands constructed excellent razors.

Best regards


Dear Emmanuel,

Thank you for being a voice of reason in a sea of fanboy drool. You're spot on with regards to vintage Solingen razors. I have yet to meet one that disappoints.

Best regards,


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How right you are, Emmanuel!

According to the history on Revisor's website, in 1950 there were between six and seven hundred manufacturers of straight razors in Solingen alone, not to mention the rest of the world..
On e-bay, I always bought on condition and point of origin, and I've never been disappointed in the shave from a Solingen blade that was in excellent condition. The manufacturer's name, no matter how obscure, made absolutely no difference. In fact, as you noticed they shave equally as well as the big names.
It is the same in all pursuits... The masses choose to use whatever the reigning experts put their stamp of approval on... Even if that stamp of approval was bought and paid for.

An interesting observation on the human condition!


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'Couldn't agree more, Emmanuel.

I love my Wackers and Williams, but my humble Gencos, Shumates, obscure Soligens shave as good as any I've tried. I believe Tat2ralphy has a Genco wedge, which I suspect he won't part with.

Before someone thought tariffs were a good idea, many US companies imported from Soligen - and they're wonderful. 'Seems every sizable business had a soligen blade with their name on it. Simmons Hardware - at least some of which were made by ERN, I have a Henry Sears and Sons that's a beautiful shoulderless hollow stamped made in Germany. I don't like 5/8 and smaller blades, but these have been the exception. 'just wonderful, satisfying shaves.

'Glad you're enjoying the Fischerwerk.


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I couldn't agree more :)

I too have some old and unknown razors from Solingen that shave as good as any I have tried
The voice of reason, experience, and good old common sense prevails again :thumbup:

Ralfson (Dr)