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Is it possible to tape while Dilucot?


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Well, the title says all. Is it possible to tape the blade, while honing with the dilucot method? If yes, when do you change the Tape, if you do?

I just did! Don`t know if it works a it should because, well... I`m new to this process. However, if we`re talking about just the physics of it, the tape only changes the angle of honing, so you have to keep in mind that you need to add tape every time you hone your razor, because otherwise you will not hone the secondary microbevel, and so you will get no results.
But that`s just my 0.02. You should probably listen to the other guys` oppinions! :)

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If you want to tape and Dilucot, it is certainly possible. I've done it often. You really don't need to change the tape unless there is some sort of restorative honing being done that wears the tape down.
As said from me, the main difference between unicot and dilucot is that the former makes use of a tiny secondary micro bevel, if you start the honing with a taped spine, and run through a dilucot, its still a dilucot, I do it often on some of my razors that show a bit of hone wear.

Hope this helps
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Ralfson (Dr)
i use tape on my damascus livi with dilucot. this is to protect the inlays and pattern. i even stropped with the tape as i found out the hard way as the spine work scratched my kanayama strop,that realy peed me of.
garyhaywood said:
i use tape on my damascus livi with dilucot. this is to protect the inlays and pattern. i even stropped with the tape as i found out the hard way as the spine work scratched my kanayama strop,that realy peed me of.

I've got one enroute..... I couldn't imagine how angry i'd be if i scratched it....
criss have you orderd a kanayama if so which model or grade have you orderd . mine is the trio 80k model . yeh i stropped my livi razor on the cordaven and the spine work must of had a slight ege to it and it has light scratched the surface , not to bad , i can live with it and as it wears some more itv won't look so ovious. but yes i was a bit pissed of .
I was too cheap to order anything but the base model (#30000).... and even then I needed the incentive of that gorgeous razor Jim was offering. I have a feeling I got one of the last.... SWMBO was freakin'!:scared: :scared: :scared: She kept muttering something about "priorities....":confused:

I've noticed that I've got one razor the seems to be leaving little scuffs behind at the top of the stroke..... I'm really going to have to do something about that!
i got the razor for free with 80k model.I'll tell you somthing its a nice razor,30k model is just as good mate just slightly thinner leather thats all. you will love the leather it is so soft and supple and has a nice draw and feels like its almost magnetic. i'm use to my horse hide which is very slick. they say the kanayama gets better with use.i'm not a big fan of the linen most people are, this is my second kanayama, i sold my last one to fund the trio comes with a second component wich is like a suede horshide. so in order you use the linen then the horshide and finish on the cordaven.
I thought that the Kanayama was a pretty good price (read; it tipped it over my value/cost threshold) when it included the razor, and due to philisophical objections, I doubt I'll ever have the pleasure of owning SRD's stops. I like the idea of helping to support a fellow craftsman too. Ambrose's strops though.... one of those might be on my wish list.... He just needs to pin down his cotton component and I'd be all over those.
I have a TM, but I found I really don't like it. The Latigo has a really weird pattern and texture that's come up with use, and I find myself bouncing between the hardware like a ping-pong ball as it seems a bit short. That's saying something too, because I'm not a big guy. I'm hoping I can ditch the TM when the Kanayama comes in, but I keep hearing that the linen leaves a little something to be desired. I've given a little thought to treating the TM linen with beeswax as they did back in the day, but that's something that can't be undone...

Sorry, Tok, for hijacking your thread.

i'm not keen on the latigo but love the horshide and also the linen from tm is my favourite. yes the litigo with more stropping seems to create to much draw and feels kind of greasy to me .