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* J.A.Henckels Friodur 7/8 with worked spine - discussion



You seem to overprice your razors on a regular basis. Not a big problem if you are selling on eBay. In my opinion, though, I expect sellers in an advanced forum like this one to know their prices, and know them well.

Let me help you put your razor into perspective. Left to right, all NOS, prices from 2009-2010:

  1. [li]7/8 worked back square point: 50 € = 69.64 US$[/li]
    [li]72 1/2: 60 € = 83.56800 US$[/li]
    [li]6/8 round point: 55 € = 76.60400 US$[/li]
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And for better perspective, this is an NOS 8/8 Friodur with worked back. This one is actually rare, compared to the 7/8 ones: 100 € = 139.28 US$
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I refuse to comment on the scales that somebody plonked onto yours, except express my hope that you kept the original ones. If not, I have a spare set.

In case any of you did not know, google groks national currency symbols, like this:


PS I thought the razor looked familiar. What do you have to say in your defence for offering it for 160$ here: ? What do you think the people here are? Cash cows? Jesus.

PPS If this post should get me banned because it contains a little more truth than is politically correct, so be it. It had to be said. I hate people who abuse the results of time and effort put into sites like this by hobbyists for their financial gain.


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BeBerlin said:
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So, the prices you talk about are at least funny. I will be glad to buy all of that razor for that price if you will be glad to sell them. What you think? Did we have a deal? I will add 10% more.
Yes, this razor comes with "original" olive wood scales. That's the razor I ask for info few months ago. And that "nice" looking "original" olive wood scales was made by German guy who put lot of these razors to e-bay (I think you should know who I talk about).
As, for B&B price, you are correct, I did typing mistake here, just that. No intention to cheat here. Razor price is 160 USD.
"I hate people who abuse the results of time and effort put into sites like this by hobbyists for their financial gain."....
I do not know how you make this conclusion....I see lot of these razors (not on e-bay) but on web shops where prices are hihger than 200 USD with much more uglier scales than on this one, so I do not know how I can make any significant profit on razor that I paid about 140 USD with shipping cost and decide to sell it for 160.
Also, the price is set as it is, if someone want to buy OK if not I do not need comments like your above post.
So, if I now deserve BAN you and admins are welcome.

Thank you.


decraew said:
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Is it not? Ben, help me out - when did I buy those three one of which I passed on to you? Middle of last year? It just takes patience, and a reasonably good understanding of an item's actual value. Mind you, the ones I bought came with their original scales.

And just for the record, their prices went through the roof when a certain US based vendor flooded the market with regrinds of old blanks found in Solingen onto which some costume scale maker had plonked recycled bowling balls. So people started paying for the German craftsmen (never a good thing these days unless you are reasonably rich), the US vendor, and his plastics recycling buddy. But how these prices should affect the original razors ground by the good people at Henckels Zwillingswerk escapes me. At least to a certain degree.

king said:
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How so? Took me two years to get the 8/8, but the others are run-off-the-mill. None of these razors are by any means rare. Especially not the 7/8 worked back ones. Much less the 6/8 round points, which pop up in batches of 10 on eBay. Last time I checked, they were 110$ - apparently the seller got bolder. You see, nothing funny about those prices. Just a bit of perspective, like the one I offered above.

And I normally do not sell razors any more. I just trade them. Keeps everyone happy (I hope), and some insane prices are no longer an issue.


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BeBerlin said:
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Somewhere around then. Every few months a bunch of these get offloaded on ebay. The first batches had black acrylic, recent ones fugly wood.

Prices from the US based seller(not sure about german) were $100-$120 depending on the spine work.

The $200 ones are on shavingshop. Is John Crowley a member here? He would be able to say who grinds/rescales them.

I have idea what king paid for his originally, but you can find Friodurs for a good price if your are patient.


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slartibartfast said:
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On November 28, 2009, John Crowley said, "His name is Rudolph Sthello. He just retired from Dovo and moved back to his native Hungary." This was in regards to the grinding. I do not know who does the scaling.

In regards to the thread in general (and reinforcing what Matt has said), I'd like to remind everyone to keep things civil. To quote the Rules of Conduct,

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From my point of view debate is over. I know how much I paid for the razor (so, maybe someone fooled me and I pay lot, maybe not).
On the other side I saw the prices of this razor through few web shops and they are more than 200 USD and also did not have original scales.
I did not see any of these on e-bay offered last two months. Maybe in future will come some more, I do not know, and do not know what price will be.
This ebony scales looks perfect for me, for someone not, but that's not reason for attack someone.
Personally I do not like german type of scales at all (new Dovo models, and vintage models with roundish corners) but that's just my oppinion. For someone that are the most beautiful scales in the world, for me not.
The same is with ebony scales on this razor, someone will like it, someone not.
As for price, I want to be clear one more time, in the beginning the price is higher and if I see that I can not sell it for that price I will lower it untill I feel that lowered price is reasonable for me. If I can not sell it by lowered price I will not sell it at all (for example the price of 160 USD for this razor is the minimal one, also in that price is calculated 20 USD of shipping cost. Yes, 20 USD, that's the shipping price of this razor and every other from Croatia to worldwide. Yes, pretty high but that's Croatian Post price, not mine).
So, the price does not have any with making people "stupid" or thinking that people are "cash cows", and the last thing that I want is to make "cow" or "sheep" of someone especialy here in this place where I feel that members are very pleasant and welcomed.


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Let's makes a few things clear about the Marketplace.
Marketplace_Rules said:
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Where in the above quote does it say that prices are decided upon by democratic majority of the forum members? Or, prices are decided upon by the cheapest price at which someone was able to buy a similar item?

It is allowed to comment on item descriptions, and - as far as the seller is not being continuously targeted - also ok to state an opinion about the price of an item. But the associates are not going to rule about quality and/or the value of an item. That is solely the responsibility of the buyer. We only insist on honest descriptions, that offer all the relevant information. Anything less will be considered fraud.

To close, I would like to point out that no one is obliged to read the Marketplace section.

Kind regards,