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J.A. Henckels Zwillingswerk, Solingen (Zwilling, Wotan, Friodur u.a.)


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I am actually a friend of carbon knives, as they are better to sharpen, usually softer and hold the sharpness longer. Nevertheless, I love my two Friodur knives from Zwilling.

First my Friodur 17. A bit over 13/16". For 7/8 there is still a thin hair width missing. I would say half hollow. Anyway quite heavy. Quite excellent knife for my hard beard.





And now my full hollow Friodur 72 1/2. Arround 13/16" and the scales are also still original. One sharpened whereby the knife is very following on the stones, an excellent gentle razor.

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Yes, Friodur’s, I like them a lot, especially the larger heftier ones.
The weight of my #14 is 72,6 gr. and the #17 1/2 even 75 gr. while the #17 is only 61 gr.
These ones are 24,65 mm 22,5 mm and 22,5 mm. wide
The 17 1/2 is more 1/2 hollow which gives it his xtra weight

737FFFC9-BB90-4998-B2A2-BCF0A8587518.jpeg CC812F91-907F-4416-B8A6-D66D0528E6F7.jpeg 864D30E2-1C00-4334-9910-66724843A948.jpeg