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Jnats Oozuku and Kiita


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The hones I use most at the moment are two Jnat’s bought from Alex Gilmore at The Japan Stone

@Tony, yes and no :lol.
The Kiita can be used as a transfer stone but is also a nice and fast finisher.
For example today, 1,3,5k on the Naniwa prof’s and starting with al little slurry on the Kiita, finishing with water. This gives a really nice soft edge.
Last week I used it as a transfer from 5k to the Ozuku and that worked really well. My Ozuku is a bit slow and using the Kiita in between gave a nice boost to the process :daumenhoch.
@Kingjack, it’s good to read that you’re happy with my old Kiita, yes it’s really fast and I also used it after a 2k bevel reset with a DN slurry up to a finish on water. I gave me nice soft edges.
I also find That the finish of a very hard Jnat like my Oozuku can be a little harsh on some razors, so in that case I wil refinish the razor on the Kiita with water and have the softer edge I prefer. I used to do the same with a finish done on a suehero 20k in the past.
Here a hard Ozuku, I use as a finisher, which works great.
I just started honing with the Ozuku and slurry, from 5K to finish with the yellow Nagura on top of the stone, so no real experience yet. The other Nagura’s are also new for me, they came in last week,
There’s plenty to explore.
The 2 little stones, top right in the picture, have to be flattened, so next on the list is a diamond plate.....