June 21th to June 27th


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Yaqi R1605-S Tuxedo,
Kepkinh Frosty Lemon,
Fatip Piccolo Special Edition (OC),
Voskhod 7th x,
Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Kolonya Klasik Limon,
Weleda Aftershave Balsam,
Loris E-003 Acqua Di Gio .


Brush and soap:
Yaqi R1605-S Tuxedo and Kepkinh Frosty Lemon:
In the travel bowl nice dense and fat foam made with the Yaqi R1605-S Tuxedo and the Kepkinh Frosty Lemon. With this soap any preparation with preshave is superfluous. Soak well and in the time that you have turned the knife in the scraper, the beard is also ready for the attack. Just like this warm morning. The Frosty Lemon is delicious in this weather.
Blade and razor:
The Voskhod used for the 7th x.
The Voskhod razor stays on track and 7x is not the end for this one. Just smooth shaved. The Fatip Piccolo Special Edition (OC) with this Voskhod is as if there is just a new run-in blade in it. So at least one more time tomorrow.
Result: BBS.
Finally: the Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Kolonya Klasik Limon looks like it was made especially for the Kepkinh. The rest not so exciting: Weleda Aftershave Balsam and Loris E-003 Acqua Di Gio. Slowly start longing for some other things, but they are at home and I'm not at home yet!

The King

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Pre-Shave: Prep cream
Shaving Soap/cream: Maggard Orange Menthol

Shaving Brush: Shavemac 26 mm. Fan Silvertip Badger DO1

DE-Razor: Gladito
DE-Blade: Gillette: Gillette Nacet 2x

Aftershave: Floid Vigorosso
Aftershave balm: Stirling Glacial unscented

Jan Zoethout

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SOTD 20200627.

Proraso pre-shave crème (white).
M Keramiek / APShaveCo SilkSmoke.
Biolijf "Irish Beer" shaving soap.
Homelikeshaving "START" 0.90 OC / Stork "Templar" handle.
Gillette 7 O'Clock Permasharp Stainless (4).
Biolijf "Oldskool" AS (test). *)
*) Added 0.5 ml (10 drops) of patchouli essential oil.

jaap ouderwets scheren

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Razor , ATT Calypso SB, M.
Blade , Nacet ( 1 ).
Brush , AP Synthetic.
Soap , Biolijf Oldskool.
AS , Biolijf Oldskool ( Test ).
3 Passes shave , nice and smooth .
The razor was a gift from a friend , and off course i had to try it , but its far to mild for me.
The blades came from a nice Lady , she found them in her Fathers locker , and now i have them , not so bad , and soon i try them in a Fatip.
The brush is perfect , a real soap monster.
The Oldskool soap gives me a big smile on my face , smell,s nice , easy lathering , and its like shaving on silk.
My skin feels perfect after the shave.
But , its not all Sunshine today.
The aftershave was not wat i expected , to mutch Witch Hazel in it , and for sure not the nice smell of Patchouli/Orange.
Cares the skin verry good , but i prefer more alcohol in it , and leave the Witch Hazel. 20200627_101544.jpg


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Razor: Rex Envoy (USA)
Blade: Gillette Platinum
Pre-Shave: Proraso Creme Pre Barba
Shaving Bowl: None
Soap: Proraso Green
Brush: Proraso boar
Aftershave: Nivea Men Protect & Care 2 in 1

Vacation destination shave. Help, not enough menthol to cool me down.

The King

SU-Patron Gold

Pre-Shave: Prep cream
Shaving Soap/cream: CBL Fresh Lime

Shaving Brush: Shavemac 24 mm. Fan Silvertip Badger 2 bander

DE-Razor: Gladito
DE-Blade: Gillette: Gillette Nacet 3x

Aftershave: Brooklyn Soap Company
Aftershave balm: Prep


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Mühle Silvertip Fibre® 21mm,
RazoRock Game Changer 0.84-P,
Voskhod 8th x,
Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Kolonya Klasik Limon,
Naturlife Krem Vazelin Argan Ve Aloevera Özlü,
Loris E-003 Acqua Di Gio .


Brush and soap:
Mühle Silvertip Fibre® 21mm and Arko:
I like it so much every other day with the Arko. Sometimes I wonder what to do with all the soap I have in stock. When it comes to cheap this is the best solution, but beaten with the Mühle Silvertip Fibre® 21mm also a perfect shaving foam with this Arko.
The Voskhod used for the 8th x.
The Voskhod has done his best for me with 8 turns, a 9th was possibly also in it, but tomorrow but first something else. So this one is a piggy bank. The RazoRock Game Changer 0.84-P with the Voskhod is a wonderfully comfortable combination, which is also very effective.
Result: BBS.
Finally: but again the Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Kolonya Klasik Limon Naturlife with Krem Vazelin Argan Ve Aloevera Özlü which gives beautiful care. Air with the Loris E-003 Acqua Di Gio and again ready for a sunny day.
Today a visit to the Altstadt of Lemgo is on the program.