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Just curious if this was ever effective ...


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I see this gadget off and on:
IMG1.jpg IMG2.jpg

I got curious enough that I looked up the patent
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The patent says:
"From the foregoing description it will be readily seen that an old style hollow or otherwise ground razor, or a safety razor blade can be easily re-edged or set by simply holding the cutting edge thereof between the balls 13 and traversing the frame or carriage or 12 backwards or forwards."

I guess the traversing carriage/frame was there in the patent, but not in the later product.

I have seen versions of this with glass marbles instead of the steel balls.

Curious, if this class of product ever prove to be effective.


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Good eye! From much of my reading of razor collection books and some on-line information,the general opinion was that the balls are not a good product in either steel or glass.


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Thanks, Richard.

That is interesting. One would have suspected that, but there is something cool about the design and it seems to be somewhat similar to some kitchen sharpeners of modern times.

The kitchen sharpeners abrade a bit, these seem to just push the metal straight.