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Just got my first coticule


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I have just got today, my first coticule, from Ardennes:lol: .
It's a selected La Veinette 150mm*50mm (minimum width of coticule 5mm, maximum 9mm)
I have added some pics.


Unfortunately, I couldn't do some honing exercice this week-end because the slurry stone was forgotten in my parcel.
Nevertheless, I am a lucky guy.

PS: there is a little hole on the lower edge of the coticule side, at about 1/4 of the length, do I have to lap it or is it nothing?

It seems that my pics are not centered but I don't know how


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chti_lolo said:
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Your pics not being centred could be down to parallax error.


Next time you take a pic...just compensate. there any way to send a member a private message on these boards?
I'd ask in here, but it's a matter of inquiring how much the above hone costs and I don't want to appear vulgar.


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Nice Stone :thumbup:
They razor now cuts hair because you have sharpened it to a degree, thats what doing x strokes on a hone will do.

Your pics are not centerd because they are too wide, they need to be a maximum of 800 wide, I have edited your posts to resize them for you.

P.M can be sent my going into the Machine room at the top of the page, scrolling down to a members details, then click on them, a p.m. box will appear.

Best wishes
Ralfson (Dr)


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yes I find it so pretty:blush:

Thanks Ralfy for resizing my pics next time I'll know:thumbup: .

tat2Ralfy said:
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The razor I was exercising on was totaly dull and I thought I would not have been able to sharpen it till arms' hair shave with only 60 X strokes on the BBW side (I don't have a slurry stone so I have not raised a slurry).

garyhaywood said:
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I don't have a dmtc and don't plan to buy one in a next future, can I use wet/dry sand paper 400 grits instead?

RicTic said:
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I have written it in another post. Maurice has applied the old price list (very kind of him), but i have to wait about 2 months as he was searching for one for me in his stock.


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i always used 600 wet and dry to lap in the past . but i have to say i like the surface the dmtc leaves. i have been using the dmtc for nearly 4 years i highly recomend it.

i will hope fully be picking my la vainette from maurice when i go to meet the lads at belgium he also giving me one at old price .


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That's a nice one.

I wouldn't lap it at all. I have successfully honed several razors on all Coticules in the Vault and they all were flat enough. Just chamfer the edges of the hone a bit more. A piece of sandpaper will do just fine for that. Wet works best. You can also use the sandpaper for creating slurry, while you're awaiting the arrival of the slurry stone. Use black "wet&dry" sandpaper of 200 -400 grit. Should the sandpaper unexpectedly loose a particle in the slurry, it's easy to spot and can be quickly removed.

Kind regards,


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I think I will follow, for the moment, Bart's advice
Bart said:
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especially in the neighbourhood of the little hole on the lower edge.
I will be out for professional reason next week, so maybe the slurry stone will come home meanwhile. Otherwise I will try to raise slurry with black W/D sandpaper.
I'd also want to have a DMT but my wife doesn't fully agree:thumbdown:




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I tried raising slurry with the wet/dry sandpaper, but the particles from the snadpaper always entered the mixture of slurry, and I only managed to very finely scratch the bevel. You will get results because there will be some slurry, on the other hand I bet that the particles from the sandpaper (being much bigger than the garnets) will cause very fine microchipping at the edge. My (not so experimented) advice would be to wait for the slurry stone.. I wish I did! :-/

As for the lapping, I did lap my hone when it came from Ardennes using wet/dry sandpaper, because it was rocking on two corners when placed on a flat glass surface... It was very hard watching the coticule layer getting slightly thinner, but it had to be done... Now she`s as flat as can be, and ready for a lifetime (or more) of great service.

Hopefully my advice will be of some use.

Best regards,

By the way, she is gorgeous that one!!:love:


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I have received my slurry stone yesterday evening and began my honing exercises. Really easy to reach fore arm hair cuts level. I hope I will sooner (or later:( ) succeed in unicot.



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Best of luck to you Laurent. Don't forget the most important part: Enjoy the proces!:)

If you need any assistance, you know where to find us. :thumbup: