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Just thought I'd share some photos...

A friend and I were honing one night....


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Very nice! The ones in the lower right hand corner above and to the left of that bottom stone are very interesting.


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Nice collection. The one with the two stripes looks quite interesting. :)

Thanks for showing us,

I picked that one up on ebay... it was a tiny hone that I suspected was a Coti. It was heavily dished and I figured that it would be a terrific travel or slurry stone. It turned out to be very interesting. As far as I can tell, it's a three-level combo stone. here's a closeup:


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Beautiful stone collection Mark

I would drive myself mad if I had that many to choose from lol

best regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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That is one impressive collection! What is the stone second from the right on the top? It looks very interesting with the darker swirls. Is that possibly a Les Lat with some of the hybrid peeking threw?