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just wondering


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just wondering are there many people there who live in Belgium.
Where do you live?
this is because I never bumped into someone who shaved with a straight around there

Hi Stijn,

Well, you know that I live in Belgium, Heist-op-den-Berg, somewhere near Mechelen. I know several Belgian guys that shave with a straight. In fact, I think Straight Razors are, in comparison with many other countries, more or less popular in Belgium. But I know only few people who use the Internet to communicate with peers about it. The absence of a Dutch-speaking forum has probably something to do with that. I regularly meet with a few guys who shave with a straight razor. A few of them have a membership at one of the major shaving forums, but none of them is actively posting.

On we have 14 Belgian and 7 Dutch members. Just for reference, United States members are over 125.

Kind regards,
tat2Ralfy said:
How many Brits?
Vriendelijke groeten
Ralfson (dr)

25 UK members.

There are also about 40 members who have not included information about their origin.
And _one_ Dane..? So I guess one of 5 million danes shaves with a straight...Thats lousy odds!