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Kepkinh Shaving Soap

The King

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Early 2018 I published a description on the Dutch forum about the Kepkinh shaving soap. Now rather outdated because it concerned the first generation shaving soap in a simple lemon version and the second generation shaving soaps with a changed formula.

I recently bought the Mango and Magnolia scents versions of the current "expensive" series. So I've adapted the aforementioned review and I hope to give you a reasonable overall picture of this shaving soap.

For me, the voyage of discovery into the world of Greek shaving soaps began with the purchase of several soaps from Smooth Operator. The good quality of this soap brand aroused my curiosity about Greek soaps and after I discovered the soap brand KEPKINH on Etsy, I bought the first simple lemon version.

Positively surprised by the excellent quality of this soap I ordered three more soaps from the then "Premium Line", which had a different composition and the chosen fragrances were Bergamot & Mint, Vegan and "Frosty Lemon". Especially the caring properties of these shaving soaps were improved compared to the first version, while also the fragrances were significantly improved.

From the current "expensive" soaps I have the mango- and magnolia-version and these have a again a different formula where many skin care ingredients are added to the shaving soap.

After consultation with soap manufacturer Georgios Mentis at the beginning of 2018, it turned out that he had been producing soap for three years and, according to his own statements, had tried out 20 different recipes at that time in order to arrive at the current recipe. During his development he has always focused on the skin care properties of the soap.

The soap is made from buffalo milk and the manufacturer says on the website: The pH value of the buffalo milk (soaps) is very close to the natural pH value of the human skin, leading to a natural soft product. People with sensitive skin and eczema experience this milk soap as much less harsh and moisturizing than other soap products. Buffalo milk soap also contains natural milk fats, triglycerides, vitamins and minerals that help to hydrate the skin. Buffalo milk soap contains natural glycerine, an effective moisturizer. I don't know if the claim to the good properties of buffalo milk is justified, but my skin feels silky soft and very well cared for after using these shaving soaps.

The scent intensity of these soaps is average and the scents remain noticeable in the foam. Very subjective of course, but where most scents appeal to me because of their purity, there is one exception and that is the Mango scent that is too sweet for me and reminds me more of candy.
The fragrances all come from essential oils, except vanilla, which comes from the extract.

The following soaps all have a different list of ingredients. The cheaper version with lemon has more ingredients in which wool fat and olive oil are mentioned.

In the premium second version there are only 7 ingredients left and we don't see the wool fat and the olive oil anymore. The composition of the 2nd generation premium version has been simplified. In order to further increase the quality of the foam, more unsaponified coconut oil has been added instead of wool fat and olive oil, increasing the total fat content of the soap. This makes the soap smoother and slightly airier in structure and provides more glide protection which makes the razor more supple on the skin finds its way. This also makes the skin care properties of the premium version better than those of the first generation shaving soaps.
We know that wool grease is naturally good for the skin, but that this also applies to the un-soaped coconut oil contained in these shaving soaps. There is no sebum in the soaps

The current generation of shaving soaps have risen sharply in price. The formula has also changed and many nurturing ingredients have been added, such as: Propolis, Honey, Mastiha, Q10, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Snail Secretion Filtrate, Hydrolysed Elastin, Avocado oil, Argan oil, Olive oil and Buffalo milk.

They are all - slightly harder - soft soaps, similar to the flat soaps of TFS. Making a good lather is very easy, no matter what kind of brush you use to lather the soap. load for about 15 to 20 seconds with a slightly shaken shavingbrush and then whisk into the bowl. If you add a few drops of water while making it, you will quickly get a standing, full, greas lather. The soap absorbs the water well - even if it is a little thirsty - and therefore takes no effort at all to obtain a nice leahter.

Of course, the shaving properties determine whether it is a good soap. Well, there really is nothing to be said against that, which is top quality. The lather has good gliding properties and lays a fantastic protective layer over the skin.
But what this soap excels in is its nurturing properties, which I consider to be one of the best on the market.
The maker is right to say that he has long been looking for the optimal mix between shaving properties and optimal skin care.
This is one of those soaps in which the application of a balm after the shave can be omitted.
I know what you are trying to do, but I won't bite, far to many soaps in stock here but I will in the future try one out. Thanks for the write up on the Kepkinh soaps!