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La Grise sublayers


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I ordered a La Grise natural combination stone from Ardennes in early December. It finally arrived today. It's actually a slate-backed La Grise, but a beautiful one, and it has the oddest sublayers. I will definitely keep it, even if it is not quite what I asked for. (And, the coticule cut is thick, being around 11-13mm). If it weren't for the top layer, which is distinctly the wood-grained La Grise I know and love, I might have confused it for a Les Latneuses hone. It has some inclusions deep down that remind me of the little specks of hybrid you find in Les Latneuses when the hybrid sublayer is very thin, although I only had time to take one picture during lunch. I know that these specks of possible hybrid inclusions are found in some La Petite Blanches, which makes me wonder if they are possibly more common but not in the thickness seen in Les Latneuses.

Anyway, here's a picture, where you can see all the variation.



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You just got yourself a few lifetimes of discoveries to make.:) Over, 25 years of extensive use you'll arrive at a new sublayer, where awe awaits...And if you keep going strong, 7 years later, more wonder with the next one. The rest is probably for your grandson.

You got to give it to the guys at Ardennes, they have a way of not sending what people asked for, but they always somehow succeed in making the buyer happy. ;)

Kind regards,