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la grosse jaun "21" in the vault


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Bart, do you think you will be able to get the above coti in the near future ? I would love another one. A 200 x 40 would be real nice. The reason i ask you, is the dges i'm getting from my la grosse jaun are the best i have ever got. I never got a bad edge of the other cotis. This one just seems so consistant. The results never fail. I'm honing more razors for other fokes. I'd hate to wear this stone outand never be able to get another .I'm using my nu 3 for main bevel work as it is faster cutter then i swithch to my la grosse jaun for the dilucot. I'm not sure why but the dges are extra smooth.The keeness is as good as it gets the hht is as good as cr.ox all day long. On your next visit in the future please don't forget la grosse jaune.
Gary...My coti seems to be very simular to yours. I think its great but its also the only one I have ever tried.

My question was this: does it have an almost translucent surface and some faint red color? With small almost transparent dots looking like bubbbles of air caught in the surface??

And thanks for the avacado cream....its delicious!

It does. It seems to me like there a piece of invisable plastic over the surface. I'm sure the coti i sold to tim is a similar stone. the feel when honing as a slight draw like a strop horshide strop wood give also the surface feels soft and not hard or glassy.
Precisely ...My first thought was that Rob at the Ardennes had send a pice of polished timber covered with hard plastic:w00t:

After some use it has become a lot faster than in the beginning..and also slurry seems to build up faster

You probably create a slurry better with practice and it seems easier. The thing that i noticed is the keeness is easily reached even with slurry . when i hit say misty slurry i'm able to pass hht at about 2/3 with water easily 3/4. thats the differance. with my nu 3 i can pass 2/3 only after water.Misty slurry not a chance. After stropping my la grosse pisses 4 plus on most razors i have honed latley. The shaves are ultra smooth. There is no bite what so ever. Normaly i have always felt the erge to finish with paste, but nevr after the la grosse jaune, realy i still carn't get over how this hone works.
Well. I hav`nt got your experience Gary and nothing to compare with,but our rocks are most likely is from the same layer.

Perhaps Sir Bart can -if time allows- enlighten us upon that transparent surface?

Thanks Gary
I was at Ardennes yesterday, spend over an hour going through the stock. I saw every bout and hone with a dimensions that would support razor honing. I've brought two candidates home that could be "La Grosse Jaune", but also possibly "La Grise". Layer determination isn't always that simple by only looking at the hones. When I got home, I compared them against my own "La grosse Jaune", and I'm inclined to say they look more like "La Grise". Testing them will probably allow for a conclusive determination.

Will we see more La Grosse Jaune in the future? That's a though question. No doubt there's plenty of Coticule left in the underground. But which layers are accessed, depends on many factors. Ardennes has a quarry and a mine. In the mine, the situation is simple. Everything that was made readily accessible is already brought to the surface in the past. To continue extraction, there are several options, that all lead to a different layer. It's a huge investment to dig tunnels and shafts, and it's just not economically feasible to exploit all layers at once. Hence, at the mine, I expect part of 1 or 2 layers being made accesible till the further excavation requires new tunnels and shafts. At that point, it may be more interesting to first dig out part of another constellation of 2 or 3 layers, located at a different area of the mine. I don't think they will make all layers available at the same time. It would be economical suicide to do it that way.
At the quarry, things are different. All layers are accessible from the top down. But they have to extract everything: massive amounts of blue stone, black clay, etc... All that stuff needs to find a new destination: building blocks, ceramic drainage pipes, black bricks, etc... So they're only slowly progressing through the layers. Maurice told me they're currently turning all their excavated rocks into hones immediately, while the companies in the old days kept 5 years worth of raw stock. But there's just one company now, and more demand than they can keep up with. It's not just a matter of employing more laborers. All the other stuff needs find a taker as well. Bottom line: at the quarry, you might see certain layers being turned into hones today, and other layers 6 months from now. There a lot of planning to do in quarry exploitation, much more that we could ever imagine. Many factors influence the decisions, customer demand is only one of them. Maurice told me he would like to expand the pile of raw Coticules, but I don't think it will be anytime soon.

torbenbp said:
Perhaps Sir Bart can -if time allows- enlighten us upon that transparent surface?
I have no idea why some layers deliver grained textures, others even satin surfaces, as I have no idea where the different colors come from. Obviously it's all a matter of minerals. Coticules with a textured surface are nearly always slower, maybe that's why they tend to be that little bit smoother as well. I don't know.

Garry, I think you don't need to raise slurry on that La Grosse Jaune, if you're using the other one all the way till the end of the dilution phase. I believe you could then just finish on the La Grosse Jaune with water and get the edges you're after. That way, it will last you through a million of razors. But perhaps you find the dilution phase easier on the La Grosse Jaune?

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Yes i'm sure i could just finish on my la grosse with water. I do like the narrow hone better,also the lenght is handy. There both very nice to work on. I will hone two da's one like you mention and one as i have been doing. Then i will compare. may be if i finished with just a misty slurry then water . three options i will try.
Bart if did dilucot using coti 3 for the whole process right down to finishing on water. Then did say 30 or may be 50 on water, using la grosse jaune to add extra smoothnesss. Is that how you would do it.
I don't know. I have little experience with honing razors on more than one Coticule, at a time.
I expect it to work in such way that you can just switch between finishes, but you need to find for yourself by making the comparison between your hones, and different moments (in the honing procedure) to switch from one Coticule to the other.

Best regards,