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La Veinette?


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I wanted a coti/bbw and finally, with Scott's help :thumbup:, I found this one, it was bad chipped but after 20-30 minutes on the DMT she looks quite ok now. 179mm x 36-39mm. The bbw side has some nice blue shades which are not catched by my camera.

What do you think? Is she "La Veinette"? The coti side is quite uniform in colour...

Thank you in advance :)



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I'll throw a guess in before the coticule experts weigh in, but I don't think it is a La Veinette.

I'm guessing maybe a La Dressante?


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I'll take a guess that it could be a la drassante au blue. i have seen la patite blanches look similar, i'm not sure . bart should no. It does'nt look like a la vainette, having said that it could be , i will go with la vainete because of the side veiw.



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I looked back at the ad he purchased from and the answer is "yes" it a vintage coticule Bart. In the original sellers pics it looked very much like a La Veinette. The color and shading in these pics are much different and the original photos have been removed by the seller.Regardless of the vein it is a fine stone I would be very happy to have in my small collection.


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Just to add, I dont believe it is a La Veinette, however as you say its "vintage" so it could be anyone guess

Ralfson (Dr)


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Ralfson is correct. It could be one of many possible layers that are currently no longer under exploitation. It does not fit with any of the layers that I know. Of course I know pinkish Coticules, but a pinkish one, naturally bonded to BBW, with a bit of an irregular transition line, is not in agreement with any layer I know. So I would guess that it comes from one of many uncharted origins.

That absolutely does not mean this can't be an excellent Coticule. Actually, a Coticule is always a Coticule. The differences between the layers are interesting, but not such that they predict much difference in final outcome.
The most important thing is that you enjoy using it!

Kind regards,


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Thank you guys :)

She makes slurry very fast and she's a fast cutter too.
First razor, a C.V. Heljestrand MK**29* was shave ready almost directly :thumbup:

Plenty of feedback too, a very nice "sharpening feeling" too:love:

I really like this stone :D