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Lauterjung & Sohn Pumawerk (Puma, ...)


Absurd hero
A very famous Straight Razor Brand: Puma. For some reason I've never researched the history of this firm, nor is it among the first to pop up in my head when asked for my favorite straights. Still, this Puma 222 compares not bad at all to my preferred Schulze, Grelot, or Spanish #14. One terrific razor, and very well kept (except for the warrantysticker) indeed.
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A Puma 67. I think it has the wrong box.


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Mes amis, aujourd'hui ce petit chat est arrivé de France. Au verso, avec la gravure amusante: „Ce rasoir n'est pas destiné à l'usage mais a été fabriqué uniquement dans un but de présentation“

But since I don't speak French, I will misuse the kitten, hone it and then let it purr on my beard. If it shaves like my slightly scarred 39er, one can hardly have a better razor in the face.:lol

67EC186B-7FCC-436B-A057-5BCECED7CDCD.jpeg 20465FBC-9161-44D4-8E44-BC7F20A17BEE.jpeg DAFC154F-9732-4CC5-BA7E-996C5754BE37.jpeg