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Layering Info?


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howdy all,

I was jsut wondering where i would be able to get some info on different layering. im sure there must be some thread describing the differences of all the layers.

Im new to the coticule game but i love how there is so much info out there left to learn!
Well if you find that information let me know because I've never been able to find anything on it either!!! That would probably a be a real project to get that info together.
Which layers were first etc. I bet a lot of this information is lost to history.
AFAIK Bart has this on his "to do" list. He suggested the idea to label hones with the according layer information and sell them kinda "DOCG" style. I'm not sure how Ardennes Coticule responded. However, this will need a tremendous amount of work in order to make it help- and meaningful.