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Les Latneuses L#3


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I have honed 3 razors on this so far, and the results were very very good, all 3 were honed using the New Dilocut Method.

1st up was my Vintage G.Myers&Son full hollow, at the end of honing the HHT was off on the heel area, and after trying a couple of things I went straight to 1/2 strokes on water only. 20 each side times 2 then normaol X strokes times 30 each side, I can honestly say the HHT was the best I have ever had straight off a hone, and after stropping 60 linen and 60 Leather it popped even thin hair with ease.

Next up was My Vintage WUG, I have come to rely on this wonderful little fellow as a very good benchmark, it returns the smoothest of shaves and is always a pleasure to hone, HHT after Dilocut was very very good, and after stropping improved to popping fine hairs again with no trouble.

Last was my modern Dovo, same routine, although the HHT was not quite as good as the other 2 razors, it was still nice however I felt it didnt reach the level of keenness the others did.

So the honings all went well, very quick and easy, with a great HHT result.

I test shaved the Myers last night, and it is wicked sharp! a little too crispy for me though, however afterwards my face was fine, a little rejuevanted maybe but no rash or burn, so I would say a very good shave.

Tonight I am just about to test shave the WUG, I am hoping its not as crisp as the Myers because I prefer a smoother edge, doing at least 4 passes ATG on the neck, but I will see.

All in all so far so very good, great little stone that is giving great results without too much effort at all, only thing I would say is that it is a little smaller than I am used too, but thats no problem really, I have enjoyed using it , IT ROCKS!!:thumbup: lol.
Thanks for sharing, Ralfson.

I believe you'll find the finish of your L#3 to be on the crispier side of the Coticule spectrum.
At least, those are the results I've been getting with the the Les Latneuses.
Obviously, there will still be differences between one razor and the next. Steel matters.

Kind regards,
I have to agree Sir Bart, crisp describes the edge wonderfully, I have tried the WUG and it was smoother but still crispier than my beloved#10. dont get me wrong here, the edges this makes are fantastic, and whats really nice is that I now can compare them to my other coticule, methinks my face will prefer an edge that is L#3 Honed then given say 20 light laps on the other side or even my #10 with water, Mmm I think I will try that with the G Myers Tomorrow night.
When you say crisp ralfy do you mean how the razor feels on your skin.

I find my number 3 feels a tadge crisp as i'm shaving . crispy smooth sensation. My 21 la grosse jaune i think thats the name, feels soft and smooth aginst my skin. My new coticule so far feels smooth and only slightly crisp the nhht was as good as i can and have gotten of coticule. This is why i have been finishing with my 21 or even setting bevels with the nu 3 coti. then taking my razor to nu 21 for dilution and finish the results have been the best so far.

My 54 L4 i have now sahved for the 4th time. The dovo gives me a graet shave with no irritation of this hone. I have just given the razor another 60 laps on water on the same hone . I will test again monday. Then i will rehone on the hybrid side. and compare the next 4 shaves. then the same on nu 3 and 21. Should be interesting.Nu 21 as left me the smoothest edges i ever experianced so far, or may be i just like the dge of 21, or matbe i had a good daay when honing on 21.
garyhaywood said:
When you say crisp ralfy do you mean how the razor feels on your skin.

Yes thats right, as you shave you kinda think "oh oh, this is going to leave me a little sore" but it doesnt, its all good just a little crispier than I am used to