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Les Latneuses


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I might be able to get my hands on one, but I don't know much about them. Could anyone direct me to a good thread on them or explain to me the difference.




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Here's a link to the vault...
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The description given there is quite typical.

The creamy side is pretty fast on slurry, while the hybrid side is slow on water.
I used to use the creamy side for dilucot, then flip the hone and finish on the hybrid.
Lately though, following advice from Gary, I tried a full dilucot on the hybrid side and found it to be faster on slurry than I imagined, considering how slow on water it is.
I doubt I'll use this hone any other way now given the great results I've been getting.
Also, the hybrid side yields good results with keenness and still provides a very smooth shave.
My favourite coticule of the 3 I own.


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The only drawback I had was trying to raise a slurry on the hybrid side with the hybrid side of my slurry stone.
Even when turning the slurry stone on edge it was almost bloody's that hard!!!
I used to use the creamy side of the slurry stone, until I found that rubbing the hybrid slurry stone on the edge of the Coticule (hybrid side) instead, as if trying to put a chamfer on the sides was a damn site easier.


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They're good hones, but really almost any of the layers (with few exceptions) will work really well for razor honing. Don't get caught up in the vein names.

I found that getting a hone of the right width and length to suit my tastes was more important (for me) than the identity of the vein.

That said, some veins are easier to learn on than others (Les Latneuses is one of them). However, if you take the time to figure out your hone, you can usually get pretty similar results with any hone.

For example: Peruse Bart's reports on the hones in the vault. In almost all cases, he's able to get a satisfactory edge from the hone - regardless of vein. One may be better off slurry than another, but in general they all get the edge 'there'.

NOTE: This is just my opinion on this, and other people may disagree. ;)