Light green Thuringer


Yesterday I saw this hone on the local Dutch Market and an hour ago it arrived with a couple of razors.

Cleaned it up on an Atoma 600 and compared it with my other Thuri, a dark blue and a light Blue.
The new hone has a lighter color, greenish, maybe yellow - green.

Does anybody recognize the label in the box ?

4317BA95-4A55-4867-B91A-AC5959D34EAC.jpeg 99AFA0F8-5E7A-405D-A5EF-51A3C3A60993.jpeg BA4F70BD-E5F0-4875-9931-F8E4985ED81B.jpeg F7E22309-9438-4EBC-A2A9-A711163C60D4.jpeg 7AFDBC31-0EA5-4832-B8F0-C810146A351A.jpeg 8502ACD0-3B74-40CC-BBE7-C7CF3217FEC8.jpeg