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Light green Thuringer


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Yesterday I saw this hone on the local Dutch Market and an hour ago it arrived with a couple of razors.

Cleaned it up on an Atoma 600 and compared it with my other Thuri, a dark blue and a light Blue.
The new hone has a lighter color, greenish, maybe yellow - green.

Does anybody recognize the label in the box ?

4317BA95-4A55-4867-B91A-AC5959D34EAC.jpeg 99AFA0F8-5E7A-405D-A5EF-51A3C3A60993.jpeg BA4F70BD-E5F0-4875-9931-F8E4985ED81B.jpeg F7E22309-9438-4EBC-A2A9-A711163C60D4.jpeg 7AFDBC31-0EA5-4832-B8F0-C810146A351A.jpeg 8502ACD0-3B74-40CC-BBE7-C7CF3217FEC8.jpeg


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they don’t come for sale often and when they do there is a lot of bidding going on. I was lucky to be able to buy this large Thuringen hone.
9 inch long and 5 cm wide, nearly 700 grams. The seller said it was an Escher but as there are no labels its just another thuri.
color is licht green possible yellow green. The other stones in the pictures are for color comparison.
i have been using it for two weeks now giving my rotation razors A touch up, and I have decided it’s going to stay .

F22ACEDA-4B22-4560-B08E-3F261289D98B.jpeg 7881A735-3CB5-4813-90DD-5D2D97072EC6.jpeg