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Maggard Orange Menthol Shaving Soap

The King

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40829F31-2007-449D-861D-14A749EC6774.jpeg Maggard Orange Menthol

In our shaving hobby, everyone probably has an item that their personal preference goes out to. My biggest hobby is testing shaving soaps from as many different soap makers as possible. I always like to read other members' reviews about shaving soaps and I like to place one myself from time to time.

Of course, a review is very subjective and someone else can experience a completely different experience with a shaving soap. That is why it is important to know in advance that I am charmed by shaving soaps / creams with a stronger smell and also a great lover of solid menthol soaps.
Due to a chronic illness my skin condition is very variable and a similar soap / cream can evoke totally different reactions each time I shave.

Having said that, I would like to present the Orange Menthol soap from Maggard. The soap is produced for Maggard by "Trough the fire fine graft". Why this soap? Well, this was the first shaving soap I bought that contained an orange scent and which I then gave away because I had the idea that there were many more beautiful orange scents to be discovered.
However, in my sea trip this turned out to be a bit more difficult than I thought and the homesickness actually drove me to a repeat purchase and that doesn't happen often in the King's house.

The packaging:
The soap comes in a plastic jar and like almost all American soaps it has a large diameter which of course has the advantage that every brush can find its way in this jar and that positively stimulates the loading process of the shaving brush.
And I praise the plastic jars every time because they are fall safe how I mean? Because of my innate unwieldiness I sometimes drop something. And if, for example, a glass Meissner pot falls out of your hands in the bathroom, then you will probably understand why I price the plastic pot.

The Scent:
In the description of the smell of Maggard it says "Sweet Orange" but the smell is absolutely not too sweet I recognize something of a bitter tone in it. So a fresh orange but also the smell of the skin as it is released when you peel an orange. The smell also remains good in the foam and when the foam is applied at each shave, it comes up well. It is a pure but simple orange scent that even after frothing has no further depth in scent.

The foam:
In terms of hardness, the soap is at a level that we are used to from most American soaps and is, for example, similar to European soaps such as TFS and Proraso. The shaving soap can easily be whipped up into a full lather, without being affected by the choice of brushes. However, like more American soaps, it is quite thirsty, which has the advantage that you can determine the level of protection and gliding power during the shaving process by adding more or less water. The foam makes the hair soft and provides a pleasant protective glide that allows the blade to glide smoothly over the skin.

The menthol level is certainly not high and will appeal more to shavers who appreciate shaving soaps such as Lea, the Chill version of Stirling and Proraso white. If you really want a firm cooling soap for the summer months, I wouldn't recommend it.

The skin feeling:
I qualify the caring properties of the soap as average. There are certainly shaving soaps to name, especially from the new generation of soap producers who put more caring ingredients in their shaving soaps that make my skin feel more comfortable after the shave.

A soap for me from the category "middle of the road" it doesn't drop big stitches anywhere, but it also lacks the nurturing properties that today's soaps do offer.
The orange scent is certainly pleasant and for people who appreciate a light menthol refreshment, this soap is highly recommended.

The King

Well-Known Member
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The scents are essentially different, Jaco.
Compared to the Maggard, the smell of the Meissner is more intense, stronger and complex.

The Maggard has a sweeter orange scent that is quite simple, absolutely not uncomfortable understand me well but there is no further depth in it.
In comparison I would say that it is heading in the direction of the Stirling Orange Chill.

In terms of shaving quality and care, the Meissner of the two shaving soaps is definitely the big winner.

Of course very subjective, but at first sight the Wild Oranges remind me strongly of the Indian Flavor of Meissner.
Or is it because the soaps are both orange?


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The Orange Menthol is only lightly mentholated, a tad over Lea I would say. As simple scented, no-nonsense shavingsoap this soap does its job very well.