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Maggards is not just a nice shop, they also have their own soap brand and their own DE's. Here's the Maggards slant, based upon the Mulcuto Needlepoint slant. It is a slightly aggressive razor, not in a way that you're lucky if you don't have nicks but meaning you have to focus when shaving, which makes it just a bit more fun.
Shown here with a non-standard aluminium handle.
DSC05753.JPG DSC05755.JPG DSC05756.JPG DSC05757.JPG DSC05758.JPG DSC05759.JPG


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Of the two clones, the Maggard and Ikon, I found the Ikon to be a smoother shaver and the Maggard to be on the rough side. I do not own a real Needlepoint and so I do not know if the original was a rough shaver or a smooth one.

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For me the Mulcuto Needlepoint clearly comes first, the Mulcuto is the most comfortable to shave.
On the second place the IKon B1 and lastly the Maggard version.

Having said that, all three of them are very nice shaving safety razors that not only have a mild feel but also give a nice result.