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Manual: How to strop with X-Strokes


This is a manual on how to strop with X-strokes. Of course there are other methods too. Try them all and stick with the one you like the most. The wider the leather is, the more you can do it straight without the x-strokes.

The cheaper strops are not as wide, so you have to use the x-stropes technique.

Below you can see the different steps when you lap with X strokes. Please look closely on all images how the straight razor lies on the leather in the starting position (#1 left image) and in the endposition (#1 right image). Same counts for both images at #2. The straight razor needs to be placed differently at the start than in #1.

Both images of #1 show the movement of the first half of the "X". Both images from #2 show the movement of the second part of the "X".

Make sure you have around 45 degrees to the strope and hang the stroke on something, so that it is all the same height (i.e. doorhandle), to be able to make the x-strokes easier

Please look also at the videos on how to strop. You can find them here.



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