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Announcement Mark your calendar for the next live-chat!


Dear members,

Mark your calendar!

The next live-chat will be on Wednesday (12.8.2020). Planned is 1 hour only. If you want more, we can do longer :)

Since this is a global forum, it might make sense to put the reminders for different time zones. So that it is easer for your to mark it in your calendar and to join. The live-chat will take place:

8pm - 9pm German time,
7pm-8pm London time,
2pm-3pm New York time,
11am-12pm San Francisco time.

Outside of these official live-chat times, the chat will always be deactivated and invisible.

As soon as it is turned on for the next time, you will see it both at the navigation bar at the top of the forum and also at the buttom of the forum.

Your SU-Team