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MOP Boker In Opal Lexan


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[c]Wanted to keep the MOP, and I used vintage celluloid for the wedge, hand made washers, and all work including the blade restore by my humble self, thanks for looking, any comments make me feel all kinda warm inside ;)
Best Wishes





:w00t: ... and Smythe's jaw falls to the floor... with eyeballs soon to follow.... speechless...
Anyone seen my jaw? I dropped it somewhere and don't know where it went.

I'll have to try lexan sometime. :love:
Lovely work Ralfson,

Good ol' polycarbonate.:thumbup: You are aware that it is incompatible with some household chemicals? (Be carefull with bleach, glycerin, Acetone, and Naphtha) Unlikely that you will soak the scales in one of these, but I'm just mentioning.

It's a beautiful razor.

Kind regards,
Thanks again for the kind words, I need them believe me!
I didnt know polycarb was affected by such things? it was all I could find in off white, that seemed right for the job at the time.haha

Thanks again
Ralfson (Dr)
Dr. Ralfson
You sure deserve the title of BARTWLS !
(Best Amateur Restorer at This Wonderful Little Site)

Good job..again:thumbup:
Bless you Torbs and thank you, its nice that my humble efforts are liked so much

BTW dude, please send me your address I have a smooth and sharp Tally Ho! thats missing its home

Best wishes
Ralfson (Dr)
ahhhh..was wondering if you were gonna keep the Tally Ho:thumbup:
You can see my address in my signature...clewer aint it ;)
Thanks for honing the old gail! Hope you enjoyed trying her out.