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My actual first


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I know that I posted my second coticule before this, but this is actually my first. I haven't had much time to play with it, but I am starting to like the smaller stones because of this one. I don't know the layer, but she is glued to slate. Dimensions are 170 x 45 as the crow flies.


I hope those are the right pics.


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That's a La Dressante. Could possible perform like
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A few months ago, I saw several of these La Dressantes with a blush, during a visit at Ardennes, but yours is a bit older I presume?

Kind regards,


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I don't know how old it is I got it from a guy who bought it from a distributor, but I don't know which one. He did buy it use it twice then gave it to me to play with it. He didn't have it long before I took it. I gave him cash instead of his stone back.