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My first repin!


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After a lot of reading, looking at razors Ray had sent me (more to see soon) and even more gathering my strength and courage to "break" a more or less working razor - I finally did it! Incidentally, this was also my first successful unpinning, two times I was stupid and stubborn enough to use Dremel to speed things up, which only resulted in damaging the scales.

(As a side note, many people discourage from using this tool for polishing or sanding blades - I say, if you're mindful and careful enough, control heat - it works fine. You can ruin a blade using a stationary buffer as well. End of rant.)

This is a Gebrüder Wolfertz I got off our auction site, as usually for a ridiculous price. It came unbelievably filthy inside the scales, so I knew I had to unpin it to clean it thoroughly to get a comfortable shave and peace of mind. Also, it had rust exactly around the pivot area, which is hard to get without unpinning.

Although I have been kindly given (still by our Ray) some pins and washers I wanted to do it entirely by means available locally, which means slightly wider brass rod that I chose - 1,8 mm and hand made washers from 2mm/3mm brass tube I purchased around. I got 1m of it, so I estimate to last it for something like 300 razors, or so. :lol: If there's anyone in need of such a tube to make his own washers, drop me a line. They look a little crude when magnified, but well enough when looking at a razor. I just sliced them with a Dremel and tapped with a flat part of a peening hammer.

Peening of this thickish rod was a tad difficult, at first I feared that I would not make it, but in the end I got it nice and tight :) - beginner's luck. :lol:

Without further ado...






...and now for something completely different...

...Boris the Cat!!


best regards,
Very well done ! In fact I'm rather jealous of your achievement. My first try ended with cracked cowbone scales.:cry:
For the time being I'm sticking to microscrews ...
That is remarkably well done Matt:thumbup:

There is just one small issue....bhwahaha kidding. Great job!
And Ray is such a helpfull and kind guy.In fact all the good fellas seems to have cluttered up at this place.Great,aint it?

Kind regards
That looks really good, I don`t know why you underestimate yourself :) Very nice work!

PS. I hope Boris the cat doesn`t have access to your straight, cause, damn, he looks like a cold blooded killer :w00t:

Good work my friend :sleep: they look as cool as a very cool thing indeed, even cooler than Depeche Mode!

Boris looks as said "Cold Blooded Killer"
Remember Dogs have owners......
Cats have Staff!

Meet our everyday visitor "Smokey" every morning and evening She appears at the kitchen window, a bit of food and some fuss later, off she goes again, god only knows where to?