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My First Stone


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Bart, thanks for all the info on the stones in the vault. I'm happy to have reserved no69 after hearing your comments. Please take a look at this stone and tell me what you think. It was my first stone and since it wasn't "yellow" and had a coarse feel when dry, I discounted it as a superstone. I recently used it on a full dilucot of a Robeson that I know will take a fine edge. I was amazed at how smooth it was with slurry and the great tactile feedback with half strokes. I could definitely feel the edge refining. It did not have any of the squeal of my other stone and since it is so wide, I could use moderate pressure at will. It also never developed much draw. After about 15 dilutions, but before washing off the slurry, it would already cut fairly coarse hair. It only got better until water only X strokes and then fell back to not passing any HHT. On water only, it has no noticeable draw. I could easily rekindle the edge with two strokes of the slurry stone and a few dilutions. I think this might be one of those stones that will keep on refining with Gary's "misty" slurry. It also seems to like half strokes of four or five laps rather than Xs. Maybe my Xs are not that good, but have worked on other stones. If it doesn't show well in the pic, it is grayish/green with a neat inclusion on one end. The edge shows a couple layers besides what I am pretty sure is slate. Any info on this beast would be greatly appreciated, as would suggestions for reaching its max. Kindest, Denny

nice stone dennis it look s similar to one of the lads from the pilgramige weekend.

you will like the drassante i used one at the pilgramige. you realy carn't go wrong with a la drassante.

It's probably a La Verte. They're not very fast, and have only minimal "slurry-dulling". You can most likely get a very good shave off a very thin slurry.

I honestly think that you must look critically at your X-strokes, as your experience makes no sense to me otherwise.

Since I haven't seen you in action, I can only repeat advice that deals with the most common problems:

Keep the spine in contact with the hone at all times, also while flipping the razor. I sometimes see guys doing it differently and starting the stroke with the spine not in full contact with the hone. With the Coticule still in a faster slurry mode, the rest of the stroke will undo the slight damage caused by something like that. But once you're on a slow "water" mode, the damage caused is about the same, but the rest of the stroke will not make up.

The same applies to doing an absolutely wobble free stroke.

Kind regards,
Think you are right on with La Verte, Bart. Definitely a light green tint. It is suely slow to darken slurry, and was very sharp off the first slurry stage. At least ++, but I think a little more. Also agree with you about X strokes. That's the only thing that makes sense. I have be trying to speed up my stroke, but after talking with Gary have decided to slow way down and not try to keep up with your video. Thanks for the info. I will surely go for quality over speed and try for that last ten percent. Later, Denny p.s. Thanks for cleaning up my post.