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My New Stone!!!


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Well to my surprise when I got home tonight, my BBW/Coticule from Dave was waiting for me at my doorstep! The thing is absolutely beautiful. Small but very nice with absolutely no flaws to speak off. It's not even comparable to my other coticule! I just finished honing my Solingen hollow ground 5/8 SS razor with it. I first started with heavy slurry on the coticule until it shaved hair and then went to the BBW with medium slurry until it was basically water. Following that I did about 75 passes on the coticule with water only. It's nice and sharp! Will test it tomorrow morning! I will give you an update later!


Ah the love affair has started :thumbup:
Good way to go buddy! I look forward to hearing your test shave results
The shave this morning was wonderful! Great close irritation free shave! Can't wait to try the dilucot method on a different razor. On a site note, I LOVE Proraso White/Green Tea it's the perfect winter cream/soap for me!


That's how the plan should come together... try the dilucot, be patient, you will get there:thumbup: .