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My quikest and best results (Dilucot)


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I've been practising like mad with dilucot method.

This is how i've been doing the Dilucot Method with amazing results, in half the time.

Dull Razor in usaul manner. Then i build a thick slurry, Does'nt matter if the slurry is to thick, don't worry.I perform half strokes as usaul. I then use tpt, if my thumb just grips the edge thats what i'm feeling for.

The razor will not shave arm hair at this point, don't let that worry you. I then use my water spray to produce a milky slurry. Just like you'd poured fresh milk on to hone. At this point i do normal x pattern. I work at this stage with many lap's, not letting my milky slurry get any thicker, I think it's important you keep it so milky, If your slurry starts to get a little dense, your sharpness level could drop back a level.

I then dilute again and do many laps, keeping slurry nice and thin untill down to more or less water. Then i finish on rinsed hone followed with 50 laps. Then cleaned hone and fresh water, for 50 laps.

The keeness i have reached is the best yet , the hht is like what i would get with say crox. This is just what i have found with experimentation. I would like to hear barts thoughts .

Where i was going wrong, i was letting my slurry, which was diluted but at the same time was lacking fluid. I changed this by adding more water. I honed before the end of my hone, so i did'nt loose any slurry, there for keeping the cutting power on my hone. I also worked on each diluting stage for much longer to reach keeness at that level of slurry.
Wicked Gary mate thanks for posting this:thumbup:
how many laps are doing at a time and how many times do you spray to get down to water? I want to try this myself HHT like crox is quite a feat :thumbup:

Oh yeah how are you going to manage in Oz for a month with no honing?? haha
I'm of on sunday, taking my laptop so will be still in touch. How many laps. Once my thumb is griping the edge. I start honing on milky slurry i don't realy count, i go by the feel of resistant's on the hone I'm sure you no what i mean. i would say 25 to 50. I just make sure my slurry stay's milky. After the first set on milky slurry tpt will feel realy sticky. I don't bother shaving arm hair as i no the razor will, at that point.I then give a fine spray of water and carry on using sense of feel. I would say when you feel edge and it feels real sticky sharp your not far of then finish on water only stages. I tryed this, thinking oh well if i'm not quite there i can hit my paste and i will be there no problem. To my surprise mant i was more than there. My da's are not the easiest to get ultra sharp. This last 5 times, i rest the hair across the edge and its back brake no problem. A little from holding point.

I would say the first set 30 laps. If the slurry becomes thicker at 20 i would add more water, if you addd enough water ,your slurry should hold out for 30 to 50 laps. all in all i finished on 100 laps. I did 60 laps to begin with. and an average of 40 laps for 3 sets to 4 sets .so you could say 300 laps in allwhich is'nt bad considering i was doing aprox 500 to 600 when i first started out.Half strokes takes what 2 mins. You can easily do 300 laps in 20 mins.
Sounds very good Gary.

I hardly ever use thick slurry myself. Once you go thicker than milk-like consistency, you only get marginal speed increment and a lot of extra slurry-dulling, so I try to stay away from that.
[note]On a small side note: I know many of us consistently dull our razors on glass, in order to get a clear honing start, simply because we love sharpening so much. Honing for others, I always take a stroke on glass, because I want that fresh start, on a razor I know nothing about. But upon resharpening my own razors, I usually just take them through the last minutes of the Dilucot method, starting with just a few swipes of the slurry stone. Call it a power touch-up. [/note]

I don't use a spray bottle. Not that I think there's anything wrong with it. I just prefer sprinkling water with my fingers. I am constantly adding water while honing. A drop here, a little splash there, I keep a constant eye on my slurry and go by feel. I don't think about it anymore. It really becomes second nature after enough practice. I probably should take time filming my Dilucot honing. But in the end every person learning Dilucot will develop his own style and personal habits.

You're definitely right that (on a Coticule) slurry must not be allowed to become dry. Even while finishing you must not allow the water to become too "dry". Some Coticules won't mind, but others will reset the edge to a "violin", if you do that.

You're a master on your Coticules, Gary.
Should I not catch you before you leave, I wish you a most enchanting vacation.

Best regards,
Thanks to both of you, thats very cool
I will try the "Haywood" Dilocut for sure, and sir Bart I love the sound of the Power Touch Up :thumbup:

How did you make the Note Box Sir Bart? thats very cool too
Ah cheers bart, I find its all trial and error. That's what makes it interesting. For sure thick slurry won't shave any thing. It's weird but on my coti 21 denser slurry will shave arm hair, i find keeness is easier to reach, also the egde is smoother of nu 21 as i found by using it after my norton, the differance was amazing. My number 3 is still an amazing hone it just reacts differant with slurry. What ever way you use the coti's i found once bevel is set keeping slurry thin does keep increasing sharpness.That is a fact. I have used paste , and still will. It's nice when you can get just as sharp from the hone, but it does take serious practice.
tat2Ralfy said:
How did you make the Note Box Sir Bart?
[note]Just click the Blue sphere with the "i", next to the yellow triangle with the exclamation mark.[/note]