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This little beauty arrived early this week. The very "Art Deco" styling of it shouts the early 1930's.
It has a weird shaped guard, sort of a cage with a guard. I'm not sure what its purpose was but it does look pretty cool. It feels extremely well made, which would be par for the course with British manufacturing at the time. The W.J Myatt company were silversmiths based in Burningham, UK.

This is another one of those that the "bending" of the blade is the spring. I don't have an original blade and believe that the intended blades were thicker and thus had more spring in them. Using todays blades, I would not really consider it an adjustable, nonetheless it's marked with FINE, MEDIUM and COARSE on the handle and has a little arrow on the twist knob.

It's really a three piece, but the handle and the base plate can be separated.

The pins are unusual so it takes a proprietary blade. Reading on the net, some guys force the blade onto their Myatt pins, which I guess would work OK'ish were it not using the blades spring as its adjustment mechanism. I did some careful measuring, a bit of lining up and some "deep" engraving of the blade to fit the pins.

Enough of the small talk, lets get to the important things......








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I did not notice the part about the odd shaped blade guide pins. Thanks for showing that to me. There is one on eBay right now and I was watching it. At least my eyes are open now.


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I, too, have a Myatt, and this one uses proprietary blades as well. A model made women to perform maintenance on monobrow and/or upperlip:
DSC02469.JPG DSC02472.JPG DSC02473.JPG DSC02474.JPG DSC02475.JPG DSC02476.JPG DSC02477.JPG DSC02478.JPG DSC02479.JPG


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I mentioned the Universal above.
I hadn't turned off the alert on the Adjustable Myatt and I got alerted to a Universal. They are generally not an easy find, I put a snipe in and ended up with this one.

Its a completely aluminium razor. The base plate has the "proprietary" holes but the topcap has round posts. As can be seen, the base plate is the same "cage/guard" design as the adjustable.

Myatt Universal 01.jpg

Myatt Universal 02.jpg

Myatt Universal 03.jpg