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Myrsol Aftershave


I am a very frequent user of American Artisan shaving soaps. One of the problems with that, is that the matching splases cannot be shipped to Europe due to restrictions in the law.

Therefore I am looking for some splashes in Europe and I am considering purchasing some Myrsol splashes. Are there people here with experience with that brand? I would like to hear your opinion about the quality of that brand.
Antesol: citrus, orange, bit floral scent. It contains allantoin which gives you a nice post shave feeling. Elegant barbershop scent! It can be used as PRE and as AFTER shave. It increases the smoothness of the skin, promotes cell proliferation and wound healing!

Agua Balsamica: has a subtle, clean, medicinal scent and very nice healing properties. Rosemary, thyme, lavender!

Don Carlos 1972: floral, sweet, citric, spiced and fresh.

Don Miguel 1919: Jasmijn tea,lasts a longer time then most myrsols

Electric Shave:provides an interesting freshness that lasts a long time.

Emulsión: great pre and post shave balm, has a very nice menthol kick and leaves your skin feeling smooth and fresh. Smell as the old barbershops, and slightly mentholated

Formula C. Candy, violets, melon

Formula F/EXTRA: Barbershop scent, musk, sweet, powdery

Formula K. This is great for summer. Peppermint at its finest.

Lemon. Lemon and menthol, very cooling, for oily skin

Metilsol: This is astringent. Scent very similar to Agua Balsamica, but with alum and a bit of menthol.

Myrsol Blue: If you like Aqua Velva or Floid blue, you will like Myrsol Blue. But it's not the same. This is blue too, but it plays in a different league

Plastic Shave: a mixture of roses and talc. Old smell. It is the only one with lactic acid. It gives to me a silky smooth face.

there are some nice ones but I wouldn't buy them anymore except for one or two maybe if they are used up.
List of ingredients for some Myrsol AfterShaves.
Two tables, same information:

Myrsol Ingredients.jpg