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n°17 - a narrow Coticule


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I added the data for n°17.

This one might be reserved. Someone asked about it weeks ago, but I was waiting for a few warped and heavily curved razors, because that is exactly this hone's field of excellence.

We were unable to determine the layer of origin on this Coticule. It reminds me a bit of "La Nouvelle Veine", albeit it performs slower on slurry than the ones I've used of that layer.
It has an even, very fine surface texture, that exerts a mild but steady draw as the blade is being pushed over it. This draw stays fairly constant throughout the entire progression from slurry to water. This is a big help for performing a steady and balanced honing stroke on such a narrow hone. It also offers an modest abrasive feedback that gradually diminishes, yet not completely dissipates on pure water.
N°17 still offers edge refinement on water only. It's slow, but it's there. Great for touch-ups or for catching up with a bit of neglected keenness during the dilution stage. Just stay working on water till the edge undercuts a thin coat of water with great ease, et voila: une lame superbe.*
I wouldn't recommend it for a first Coticule, but if you need to hone "troublemakers" occasionally, n°17 is an excellent option.

Best regards,

(*) a superior edge.