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N°25 added to the Vault


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Testing was completed on n°25.

This is on of the "La Dressante" Layer. This layers seems to offer a wider variety in abrasive properties than the thinner Coticule layers, such as "La Petite Blanche" and "La Veinette". But still, some "La Dressantes" behave very similarly. I compared my notes about this one with my notes on n°5. Months have passed, but I pretty much wrote the same figures and remarks.

These are easy going hones, fast on slurry. (great bevel workers). Very pleasant and present feedback. Even with water, it tells its tales. Slurry responds very well to dilution.

N°25 is rather short at 13 cm, yet it works very well.

avatar1999 said:
How this is the coticule on this bout Bart? Nothing about that in the vault info.

I'm not going to guess at a thickness (which is what I assumed you meant), but based on the picture, it looks to be a pretty generous layer of coticule.