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n°39 - La Dressante


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I've added the test results for n°39.
It's - in my opinion - a La Dressante with stunning looks. I like the undulating surface pattern that runs perpendicular over the surface. It has a weird holographic aspect: at some angles, it reminds me of wet sand on a beach, at other angles a bit of red lights up in the light. Looking at the side of the hone, a lot of that red is still to show up in the farther future. There's also a second, fainter, 45 degrees patten of fainter lines present, and part of the surface is speckled. I could look at this one all day.:)

Size is about perfect, 40X150.
This one generates slurry on its own. You'll often read that softer Coticules ought to be faster, but this one shows that there really is not much relation between speed and softness. It's a slow hone. It works fine for honing razors that dulled from regular shaving, but if you intent to do serious bevel work, I would look at another one.
Under the microscope, the scratch pattern looks among the finest I ever saw. The final edges are as smooth like the best "La Grosse Blanche" edge: close shaves that leave the skin as if you didn't shave at all.

The autoslurry feature demands for a bit of a special treatment: you don't need a slurry stone for this one. Just start honing and you'll have more slurry than you need, in not time at all. Water needs to be add regularly. Doing Dilucot, you need to dilute twice as often as usual, with twice the amount of water. The process is quite fast, probably due to the constant stream of fresh slurry. When fishing, rinse every 10 laps, or - even better - work under a slowly running tap.
Don't expect high HHT-results of this one. Just like the "La Grosse Blanches" the edges lack all bite. If you can manage to pass a HHT at 5-10mm from holding point, you're done on this one. It'll thrive on the strop after that.

The surface pattern can be felt as drawing differences. This doesn't affect performance.

This is a Coticule with a lot of character of its own. You'll either love it or don't care at all. I loved it.

Best regards,
Bart, if possible I would like to reserve this lovely stone for myself. It's actually the one in the new batch that interested me the most visually, so I'm glad you reviewed/tested it first! Many thanks.
It's noted Dave.

For sure a very nice addition to your collection.

Kind regards,
lol Dave oh Dave! You're soon going to be able to build a house with all those stones :p

Let us know how she performs!