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n°45 of the Vault


Well-Known Member

Here's a nice little treat from the Vault.
A "La Petite Blanche", "selected" grade by my estimate.

What can I say? If you're new to Coticules and want a premium one that can easily be mastered, at the sweet price of bout size 8, this is it.
It's very fast on slurry, and does not completely revert to merely polishing -like many others- when used on water. That capability makes it quite forgiving to a less then precise dilution phase, and it also makes it a more than efficient touch-up hone.
Edge smoothness qualification is engaging, as typically found on the "La Petite Blanches".
The BBW shows two different shades. It's not a big difference, but it's there. There's a fair chance that the owner will discover a layer like that of n°49, 30 years from now. These La Petite Blanches have a fast BBW. (of course "fast" means something else for a BBW than for a Coticule).

Kind regards,


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After some thought, I'd like to relinquish my claim to this one. I have several hones I need to work through (i.e. consolidate... I know, it's a scary word), and this one should go to someone new to coticules. I apologize for holding onto the claim.


if this stone is back on the market I would like to put my hand up to reserve it.

Best Regards,