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Need help identifying a coticule


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Hello everybody!

I just purchased this wonderful 150x40mm Coticule from Belgischen Brocken, in Deutschland. It was sold to me as an Extra-Extra (1st Quality) hone, with a coticule side only. I need some help in identitying the layer that the stone was cut from.
The surface is very smooth, with what look like tiny air bubbles underneath, or slightly brighter speckles, on a background that alternatively has reddish stains with yellow stains, which kind of resembles "blushing" on a cheek. Any help in a positive ID and more information about the specific properties of the layer in honing would be much appreciated.

Here are some photos of the stone (because I know everybody "hates" to see photos of these babies :) )

Thanks to everybody in advance for the help!

Best regards,

I'm afraid I can't tell much about this one. Could be La Grise, but I think not. Too yellow. Possibly La Grosse Jaune, but I can't be sure. The slow section of La Nouvelle Veine is another possibility. Does the stone exert a distinct draw when used with plain water, or does the razor skates over it as if you were honing on glass? If you start working with "halfstrokes" on a milk-like slurry, how quickly does the slurry turns to an obvious gray? Within the first few stokes, after 15 strokes? 30?

Please let me know more specifics and I might be able to rule out one or more possibilities.
Some Coticules give their ID away at first sight, others are not so easy to determine.

Kind regards,
it does look like mine , which as you no is a la grosse jaune. mine has like little bubbles under the surface and there is a slight draw when honing it cuts pritty medium no fast but not slow just in between. if it is you will notice a very smooth edge if used well.
Sir Bart, thank you for your helpful answer!

Well, I can`t tell you about honing on slurry, because I do not have a slurry stone... YET!. It is on its way directly from Ardennes, and should arrive in a week or so, as the transport for this batch of coticules (for the distributor I purchased it from) exceeded 2 kg, and the taxes would have been too much. So it is coming in the next transport...
As for the honing on plain water part, what I can tell you that it has a very fine draw to it, indeed, and it is very slow in smoothing the edge, in my oppinion. I guess I`ll have to keep you posted with more information when the slurry stone arrives, if you`ll still be willing to provide the information. Until then, many thanks for your interest in my query.

Best regards,
garyhaywood said:
mine has like little bubbles under the surface and there is a slight draw when honing
Yes Gary, well that description resembles my stone very much!B)
I suppose you are talking about # 21 in the Coticule Vault? In that case, our stones might be sisters :D

Thanks for your info!

Best regards,
yes its 21 in vault. i tryed getting another one .ardanees told me there no longer around. mine is a great finisher also from what bart said i'm sure he said la grosse jaune is slow on water, because of the draw it makes a great touch up hone.
Gary, why do you want to buy another one? Is #21 too narrow?

And regarding what the people at Ardennes said, I really wouldn`t have thought that these stone are rare. Well then, more the reasons to be happy about possesing one :)

no i like my narrow one for awakward blades, but yes i would of liked another one slightly wider.

said that there is none available may be they all been mined.i've had several coticules but this one gacve the first and best edge i ever had on any razor. since then i have gotten the same results on most coticules . the 21 just leaves such a mellow edge. the shave of the edge is so soft i would say it would be great for sensative skin. i finished wdrx 's razor on this coticule he should receive it soon . I'd be interested to if he notices a differance.
there probably not rear but all mined and sold out. that will make them rare i should think. i sold my little bout to tim some time ago and i'm sure that was a la grosse jaune . at the time i did'nt realize what it was.
OK, back with new info.

Having received the slurry stone today, I can tell you more about my coticule, hopefully someone will have more information on how to us it if you cand ID her.

When usig just water, the coticule has a draw, it`s definitely not like honing on wet glass. In the latest stage of the Dilucot procedure, I used it with just water, doing 50 laps, and it left a very smooth edge.

When used with slurry, and doing halfstrokes, the slurry darkened after doing 20-30 stroke without pressure.

Any information about this stone will be very much appreciated.
Thanks guys!

Best regards,

the draw part sounds like mine but with slurry mine changes to a light grey slurry mine is derfanatley a cutter but not fast i have a coticule that goes so fast my slurry becomes almost dark er grey very quik ans eventauly even darker.
No, mine is slow... As I jad to redo the bevel on my 5/8 Dovo, I would say very slow.
Yes, the slurry darkens in 30 halfstrokes, but it never reaches the grey-black-ish color that you are talking about. So I guess it is a finisher, more than a cutter?!
Tomorrow I will shave with that edge, and hopefully I will feel that smoothness that La Grosse Jaune has, cause I`m quite fed up with the irritating shaves from the Wilkinson DE blades.

Thanks for the info Gary!

Do you have any specific tips for this stone layer, considering you own #21? I would love to hear the results of some experiments you`ve done on this hone in particular, so I would make better use of it.

Alex :sleep:
i di dilucot with this hone and it never fails it seems to reach keeness very easily and the edge is extra smooth very mellow . i have faster cutters if i use them for a change i generaly finish on 21 so it always in my honing great for touch ups to. it was the first coticule i had sucess with .does'nt matter that its a little slower it will still do a good job once bevel is set , even after a 1k stone it will do the will see
Definitely a La Grosse Jaune.

Enjoy it. :thumbup: They've become very rare, as that layer is exhausted at the current quarrying location.