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Need some feedback


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I am in the process of redoing my site and have just uploaded the latest and greatest version. There are a few links in the Instructions page that aren't working yet because I haven't reformatted the information and uploaded it. I still have the old store attached because I am working on and am near completion of a completely different store program.

So what I would like you to do is take a look at it and see if everything works in your different browsers. I was able to test it in several I have on my machine but don't have them all. If there are any issues, could you please let me know.

The site is still here:
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Thanks for helping out.



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Works well for me in firefox and safari. Nicely done too. I will say that I don't personally care for the red line under the menu options, but that's not a big deal (and I'm sure you don't care :D )

Nice job, Ray :thumbup:


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richmondesi said:
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Thanks for the feedback, I was wondering how safari was going to work. Red line? Sure I care, if it is annoying then it needs to go. You use the internet quite a bit and I respect your input here.

Again thanks,



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i would change the use of the red line so that it only stands under the site where you are at that moment and make the contrast in the color of the site where you are then and the other items on the navbar a bit bigger.
also do not use the same color for the active page and the color of the page that highlights when you put your cursor on it.
the pictures on the scales page look a bit blurred in miniature.

as for the rest it looks very good:thumbup:



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Jees Ray
You sorting all this out from bed buddy?
You are and shall remain one of my Heroes Sir

Chin chin old bean
Ralfson (Dr)


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Ray, it came out just beautiful. I love the frivolity with the red line. It's different and it's teasy in a playful way. Refreshing.

I'm at work right now, using IE8 on WinXP, and I can't access the instructions for using the balsa strop. Upon clicking the other instrucion links, nothing happens.

Kind regards,


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I like the general layout. Navigation is clear and logical. The colour concept reflects the aura of craftmanship ( I dunno how to make that point, hope it is clar anyway).
Yet, for me there is one thing missing which I personnaly like to find in a non-commercial site. And that is some more personal information on you and your mission. And just to be precise: I refer to mission not in a "missionary" meaning. Your site is driven by passion. For me it is always nice to learn about the person and the passion behind the site. It makes me feel invited and brings that extra which makes me stay longer on a site.
I don't suggest that you just put your CV online and create your mission statement à la " I'm in this world because ...". There is many ways to bring that personal touch onto your site. Be it a small blog, your thought of the day, presentation of your shop and the tools you use, the latest river report ((;) ), and so forth. The possibilities are manyfold.
I hope my critics are not too bold. Otherwise you can kick my b... at the coticule pilgrimage.