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Neillite 400


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Continuing my week of bakelite razors, tonight's shave was with the Neillite 400. This was another razor that originated in Sheffield England made by James Neill & Co along with the Four Hundred Co based in New York around 1935. The razor was unusual because it had differential sides, with one side having closely separated scalloped guard, and the other side more widely separated. This actually did result in a milder shave (the side with more bumps), and a more aggressive shave (the side with less bumps). Personally, shaving with the milder side is probably like @efsk Merkur Progress on setting 0, however the more aggressive side was very efficient and not so rough. Sticking with the aggressive side for the shave resulted in a very efficient and comfortable shave.

Thanks for another review, it seems you and efsk have a absolute amazing collection!
We feed each other :lol

Very interesting that the side with less bumps is also the less aggressive side. My differential razors so far do that the other way around.
I have an unbranded slant somewhere that is scalloped like the less aggressive side on the Neilite. Might be a familyresemblance. I'll dig it up tonight (if I don't forget) and show it.
Thanks for another review, it seems you and efsk have a absolute amazing collection!
A lot of my slant collection was because of @efsk recommendations, and a few even came from him directly. My strange and different razor collection was inspired by his desire for the odd razors. :D

Then again, my Gillette collection is just me being loyal citizen of the USA (even though half of those are stamped "Made in England").
You're absolutely right about that in Snuff.
I've been able to get and test a lot from you, but also from efsk and Kingjack, for example.
And because of these friendships, my view of the shaving world has broadened a lot and the collection has expanded considerably over the years.

By the way, with my piggy bank it has gone the other way and he has started to suffer more and more from anaemia.
Well, to pay homage to @efsk, I found a red Neillite 400, which I have never seen before (nor has any other collector ever reported it) and so I had to pick it up to complete my collection of Neillite 400 (which now numbers two), just as efsk would do. :daumenhoch



They are exactly the same except for the color, but I will shave with the red one tomorrow just to make sure. ;)