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New believer!


Hi folks,
This is my first post in this wonderful forum after spending many hours over the weekend reading into the wealth of information to be found here (Thanks BlueDun for pointing me here)!

I'm into straight razor shaving now for around 2 years. The main reason for me getting into this hobby (obsession? :rolleyes: ) was my interest and joy in sharpening kitchen and outdoor knives. I thought, "If my kitchen knives are shaving sharp, why not buy a razor for shaving?".

But first I had to learn that there's a huge difference between "shaving sharp" and "sharp enough for a close and comfortable shave". If I'm honest with you I think that I'm still quite far away from the perfect edge :lol: ...

Until recently I've sharpened my razors with a 1000/3000 combination stone, followed by a tiny coticule, an alleged (not vintage) Thuringian and stropping on Chromium oxide. This set-up works well for me and I've had many good shaves!

But then I got lucky and found this natural coticule/BBW combination stone on a fair in Germany, for a price that can only be called peanuts:


The dimensions are 200 X 50 x 18 mm and it was in perfect condition, no cracks or chips.

This sparked my interest in trying to maximise for me the potential of a coticule for sharpening my razors. And this morning I tried the dulicote method on an old Tennis Solingen razor (with a very narrow bevel ;)) after dulling it on a glas (no beer bottles in the morning!!!).

I was blown away! a HHT of 3ish directly off the stone. This improved to HHT4-5 after stropping on canvas and leather. I normally need to do a good chromium oxide stropping to achieve this result.

So, now I have to wait for my beard to grow so that I can test my first dulicote-razor :) :) :) .



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Welcome to, Jörg.

That's a lovely Coticule. It caries the logo of "Belgischer Brocken", the well-known German Reseller of Coticules. I believe your hone is from the La Verte Layer.

Enjoy your shave!



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Hello Jörg,

pleasure to see you here!
We seem to have quite a similar background. I also wound up with straights through my interest in utility and kitchen blades and how to get them sharp. BTW, you know that you are really obsessed if you aim for a HHT on your kitchen knives ;)



Thank you all for the warm welcome :love: :) ! And thanks Bart for the identification as well :thumbup:!

I've just had my first shave :sleep: with a "coticule-only" sharpened razor. I'm impressed how smooth it felt on my skin :w00t: . A very close irritation-free shave! It seems I got really lucky with my first dulicot attempt... I'm looking forward to further hone my skills (pun intended :rolleyes: ).

BlueDun said:
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Guilty as charged :blush: :lol: ...